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The "Radio Canada DX Group" is a non-profit, 11-meter, Citizens Band Radio Group, established in 1969. It replaced "Radio Free Canada" which was adopted in Saskatchewan sometime in the middle 60's. We are known Internationally as the Largest DX Group in Canada with a mere membership of approximately 2000 members. Our Group consists of Canadians only, and we take great pride in representing our Country to the rest of the World.

Our aim is to promote a degree of Professionalism in the Canadian Theater of Radio Operations and to unite the collective voice of Canadians into ONE. Our Group enjoys a worldwide reputation, of first class Radio Operation.


Hello fellow radio operators from all over the world. This page was designed to inform other radio operator's world wide of the Radio Canada Club and some of the happenings in and around Manitoba, Canada. This chapter of the Radio Canada has a total of 477 members broken down as follows:

433 regular members
44 Kids Club members

In the future I hope to be able to post all the provinces rosters but will have to wait for all the co-ordinators to send them to me. (hint, hint nudge, nudge, you know what I mean)


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