The elections are over and here is the final out come of the first every Internet election for a radio group. (As far as I know, correct me if I am wrong)

Current Structure


Dominion Controller: RC01(MB) - Doug (Resigning as of 01 April 1999)

Assistant Dominion Controller: RC03(SK) - Andy

Group Secretary: RC626(MB) - Bob

Radio Canada DX Group WWWeb Page Co-ordinator: RC1720(ON) - Wayne

Alberta Provincial Co-ordinator: Vacant

British Columbia Provincial Co-ordinator: RC03(BC) - Butch, (Via RC639/Randy)

Cape Breton/Nova Scotia Provincial Co-ordinator: Vacant. (Send Nominations to RC01)

Labrador Provincial Co-ordinator: RC02(LAB) - Perry

Manitoba Provincial Co-ordinator: RC02(MB) - Doug
Associate Provincial Co-ordinator(s): RC197(MB) - Wayne & RC1856(MB) - Robert
Northern Co-ordinator: RC711(MB) - Bill

Newfoundland Provincial Co-ordinator: RC02 (NFLD) - Brian

Northwest Territories Co-ordinator: RC02 (NWT) - Obed

Ontario Provincial Co-ordinator: RC03(ON) - Don
Northern Co-ordinator: Vacant (TBA)
Western Co-ordinator: RC02(ON) - Kirk
Central Co-ordinator: RC34(ON) - Terry

Quebec Provincial Co-ordinator: RC02(PQ) - Bob

Saskatchewan Provincial Co-ordinator: RC03(SK) - Andy, (via RC04/Dennis)
Assistant Provincial Co-ordinator: RC04(SK) - Dennis
Central Co-ordinator: RC07(SK) - Anglo
Southern Co-ordinator: RC09(SK) - Reg

Yukon Co-ordinator: RC03 (YUKON) - Jim



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