My Most Used Links

Here are some of my favorite sites related to the CB radio world as well as my family home page.

   The Winfield Page - My family home page...a little about the family and I.

   Want to join the Radio Canada Group - you have to be Canadian. Sorry fellow op's abroad!!

   Radio Canada Ontario - Jim has done a fine job for the Ontario Chapter of the club.

  Moby Dave's CB Page - Another local Radio Canada member's page.

Charlie Micheal DX Group - Another good up and coming club that I also belong to.

  Solving Interference Problems - Industry Canada's wisdom on TVI.

   Uncle Jim`s CB Radio Page - A great page with lots of good radio links.

  MAIK UNIFORM FRANCE DX GROUP - 14 MU 238, Laurent, France director

  The DX ZONE - speaks for it's self. If you are looking for DX conditions this is the place.

  KB9JJA - Ham Radio Links Over 1200 links and growing!

  WebWalker Link / Winnipeg DX-DATA Club - Another local CB club in Winnipeg.

  CB Radio GREETING CARDS - Send your buddy a card.

  ICQ - A very good program for chat. I have set up a CB club chat room for all to use. It will only be in operation when I am on line but I am on lots. Give it a try the # is 18471331.


By: Bob Winfield, Group Secretary

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