The Palace

The Rooms of the Palace

The GRAAC Homepage

The GardenThe Friends of GRAAC relax here

The Texts of HeavenThe listing of my Section 9 reviews

The GladeThe Hunt, my RPG is here

The Wine CellarEl Hazard~The Magnificent World.

The LakeShamanic Princess.

The Great HallRecord of the Lodoss War.

Journey of the Heroic Knight Image GallerySequel to Lodoss War

The SandboxThe Slayers. Under Construction now

The KitchenFushigi Yuugi.

The Master BedroomBlue Seed.

The Unofficial Blue Sonnet Image Gallery

The Heavenly Gates Image GalleryAh My Goddess & Sorcerer Hunters

The ShrineTenchi Muyo.

Mystery Place.RG Veda. Not yet up.

The Alcove

8/11/00 - I finally got back online with time and resources to update this old page of mine. You'll find that the e-mail address has changed and small problems are fixed. Bear with me, as the rest will be up soon, and new piees added!

3/6/99 - New is the Heavenly Gates Image Gallery, starring Ah My Goddess and Sorcerer Hunters. Check it out and let me know what you think!

2/28/99 - New to the site! The Journey of the Heroic Knight Image Gallery is now up, showcasing pics and multimedia from the hit japanese televison series. If you love Record of the Lodoss War, then here is the sequel for you!

1/29/99 - Check out the Blue Sonnet Image Gallery, the only one of its kind on the internet.

Greetings friends and welcome to my home. This is the palace of all that is worthy of me. Here you will find information about the anime group I am in called GRAAC.
My favorite animes make an appearance here on their respective rooms so do check them out. How else will you be educated about the latest and greatest in the anime world?
I also provide you with a place to learn about my online roleplaying game and if you like you can apply to join.
But mainly this palace contains rooms of anime and soon will come image gallerys and sound archive for all those out there searching. . .

Credit for this picture goes to my good friend, Akira ~ Angel of Darkness for her kindness in letting me use it.

I would like to thank the El Hazard Image Gallery for their use of their pictures as well as my friends in Coolchat who gave me my rose picture that you will see me use repeatedly throughout the course of these rooms.

You are traveller number to visit my home.

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Renee Mills

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Last updated on August 11th, 2000.