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Health Care


natural pet cure
   Natural Pet Cures:

   You may already be using holistic health care treatments  like homeopathy for yourself. Why not give your dog or cat  the same health care options? This  holistic guide offers  alternative remedies to more than 100 common pet health  problems including skin rashes, coughing, bald patches, and  flea problems.

Everything Cat Book
   Everything Cat Book:

   Have you ever wondered how to tempt your finicky cat to eat? And how to put that fat cat on a proper diet? What's the best way to keep kitty from eating your house plants? Should you adopt a mixed breed or buy a more expensive pure-bred? Should you declaw your kitty or not? And what are the top 10 reasons that cats make great pets?

You'll find the answers to these and many other perplexing questions in The Everything Cat Book. From practical considerations like choosing a veterinarian and basic first-aid to fascinating cat lore and trivia, The Everything Cat Book offers everything you need to know about living with your favorite feline friend.

Doctors Book of Home Remedies
   Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Dogs & Cats:

    Healing tips are offered for more than 100 physical and emotional problems, including aggression, ear mites, weight problems, and separation anxiety. 80 illustrations

Cornell book of cats
   The Cornell Book of Cats:

   An inexhaustible source of current medical information  that covers the whole range of feline health, including how  to understand, identify, and correct a cat's behavior  problems: guidelines, for selecting a breed: nutrition, with  instructions on how to properly feed a kitten or an adult cat,  an obese cat, a sick cat, or an aging cat. There are also descriptions and photographs of forty-one breeds accepted by the leading national cat associations. In addition, it also outlines first-aid measures that should be taken before an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Also, you'll find step-by-step instructions on in-home follow-up medical care.

Cat Who Cried For Help
   Cat Who Cried For Help: Attitudes, Emotions, And The Psychology Of Cats.

   This great book shows how minor adjustments in diet, exercise regimen, and environment can effect dramatic breakthroughs in resolving almost any feline problem. From cat panic attacks to eating disorders, from litterbox aversion to depression and a wide range of feline phobias, Dr. Dodman has successfully treated and resolved these and many other heretofore untreatable behaviors. Dr. Dodman's techniques are based on the most up-to-date research in pharmacology and feline behaviorism. Yet the primary objective of his treatments is to respect and protect the qualities of independence and dignity fundamental to a cat's nature. Including descriptions of symptoms, treatment options, and tips on prevention, The Cat Who Cried for Help provides everything you need to know to ensure both you and your feline friend a long, happy, and healthy relationship.

The Healing Touch
   Healing Touch: The Proven Massage Program for Cats & Dogs.

   This book is generously illustrated with photographs, drawings, and diagrams, Dr. Fox''s massage program is a holistic philosophy of animal well-being, which teaches an elementary knowledge of your pet''s anatomy, basic animal psychology, and tells how massages can help your cat or dog, how your cat or dog speaks to you with body language, how to create the best massage routine, how to use massage to diagnose illness.

Your Aging Cat
   Your Aging Cat:

   Readers of Your Aging Cat will learn-
-- how to assess their cat''s condition
-- an older cat''s personality and behavior
-- nutritional needs
-- specific health concerns
-- alternative therapies
-- when to let go
-- considerations for acquiring another cat, and much more.
Each chapter contains stories to personalize the information, and a "Veterinary Tip" for added value.

The well cat book
   The Well Cat Book:

   With new illustrations and clear, step-by-step advice on  preventing health problems, treating injuries, diagnosing  illnesses, and training, this newly updated edition is an  unparalleled resource for today's cat owner.

Cats For Dummies
   Cats for Dummies:

   Few creatures seem more inscrutable than the common, domesticated cat. Fortunately, with Cats For Dummies™ you'll finally have insight into everything from cat behavior (both good and bad) to what distinguishes each of the feline breeds. In this thorough, easy-to-understand guide, award-winning pet care columnist Gina Spadafori and world-renowned veterinary cardiologist Paul D. Pion, DVM, DACVIM reveal everything you need to know about topics such as:
Choosing the kitten or cat who's right for you.
Choosing a good feline companion for your cat (and whether you should choose one at all).
Dealing with problem behaviors like furniture clawing, spraying, and avoiding the litter box.
Understanding what your cat is trying to tell you.
Safeguarding your cat from poisonous houseplants and other dangers.
Selecting irresistible cat toys.
Controlling fleas and ticks.
Traveling with your cat and finding a good pet sitter.
Surfing the World Wide Web for fun, useful sites all about cats.

What your cat is trying to tell you
   What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You:

   The first chapter discusses emergency situations such as  bite wounds and heat stroke, while the second chapter  describes abnormal behaviors such as aggression and  lethargy. The following eight chapters tour the animal's body  from head to toe, offering thorough discussions of  symptoms, diagnoses, possible causes, care, and prevention.  Five appendixes include a checklist for good health, information on performing weekly home exams, breed disease predilections, a series of questions to answer before going to the veterinarian, and a list of recommended dosages of over-the-counter medications, herbs, and minerals.

purina encyclopedia of cat care
   The Purina Encyclopedia Of Cat Care:

   An encyclopedia of cat care, behavior, and health.  Arranged alphabetically and written for the lay reader, the  clear, concise, browsable entries range in length from a  paragraph to several pages. Entries on diseases also include  a box highlighting symptoms, home care, vet care, and  prevention. While providing home-care techniques, it stresses  the importance of consulting a veterinarian and clearly marks medical emergency situations. Information about what to do if you can't get to a vet immediately. Appendixes list cat associations, cat breeds with descriptions and photos, a section of symptoms and associated diseases, animal welfare and information sources, pet services, veterinary resources, and feline research foundations.

A-Z of cat diseases
   A To Z Of Cat Diseases And Health:

   An easy to use reference for cat owners is divided into two  sections: the first lists signs of diseases and health problems  alphabetically, and the second provides details of the signs,  causes and treatments of the health problems diagnosed with  the help of the first section. This is designed to be used by  the reader when examining or observing his cat, and  symptoms are carefully indexed to enable reference to  associated signs and possible diagnosis. Each section has  informative veterinary advice on causes, diagnoses and  appropriate treatment.

my cat's not fat
   My Cat's Not Fat:

   This collection features more kitty delights, tasty tidbits,  and Hollander's uniquely acerbic directions on caring for a  fat cat

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Cat Facts


cat lovers book of fascinating facts
   Hard Cover


250 Ways
   250 Things You Can Do To Make Your Cat Adore You:

    Here it is, straight and simple. Even the most well-intentioned, doting cat owner can (and often does) create an environment in which the beloved feline feels less than comfortable. Think about it: we humans create homes that feel, smell, sound, and look good to us -- not our cat. But fear not. Here in "250 Things You Can Do To Make Your Cat Adore You", a top animal expert, cat lover, and listener gives you insight from the cat's point of view, as well as practical and simple things you can do, to accommodate the cat's wishes so that nothing feels, smells, sounds, looks, or tastes at best unappealing, at worst harmful. With tips on how to:
    * read your pet's body language
   * use holistic remedies for common cat maladies
   * discover human traits that cats love and loathe
  And much, much more. With this book you can end kitty boredom forever and improve most behavior or health problems if they exist. And if they don't, here's an opportunity to make your happy cat happier!

cat lovers only
   Cat Lovers Only:

   The acclaimed author of 100 Minutes to Better Photography  uses his clear style and touches of humor to explain what  cats are all about and how the cat-human relationship  operates. 2 cassettes.

Psycho Kitty
   Psycho Kitty?: Understanding Your Cat's Crazy Behavior:

   Contrary to what many people think, cats are not too independent to be trained. Feline behavior consultant Pam Johnson, who also wrote TWISTED WHISKERS: SOLVING YOUR CAT'S BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS, explains how to correct your cat's behavioral problems. She stresses the importance of seeing the world through a cat's perspective and debunks the myths surrounding cat behavior. This book will help you solve your cat's problems.

Why Do Cats Do That?
   Why Do Cats Do That?:

    Facts about Real Cats & why They Act the Way They Do

The Big Book of Cats
   Big Fat Book of Cats:

   What are the greatest creatures on Earth? Cats, of course! This delightful book celebrates the feline with fun facts, fascinating anecdotes, charming and funny quotations, lovely poetry, intriguing tales of famous cats and their owners, a terrific list of cat-related web sites, and lots more. There's never before been so much cat information in one place. If you're a cat lover, you won't be able to put this book down!

Cat's Mind: Understanding Your Cat's Behavior

Anyone who owns cats knows that even the ones they think they understand best behave peculiarly sometimes. This books helps cat owners understand why their pets act the way they do by explaining a cat's senses, learning patterns and ways of communicating with each other and humans. It's a fascinating journey beyond observations and into the feline mind.

Cat Watching

   Why Cats Purr and Everything Else You Ever Wanted to Know. A fact-filled look at your cat's most curious habits, its affections, agressions and life cycles.

Amazing But True Cat Tales
   Amazing but True Cat Tales:

    Nash and Zullo's Amazing But True Cat Tales is a celebration of fantastic felines whose antics and adventures will astound and amuse readers. Tells of the lucky cat who plunged out of a 20-story apartment building and walked off with only minor injuries, and many more tales.

fun facts about cats
   Fun Facts about Cats:

   Inspiring Tales, Amazing Feats & Helpful Hints.

cats incredible
   Cats Incredible!: True Stories of Fantastic Feline  Feats

   The consummate gift book for millions of cat-lovers, this  compilation of true accounts covers the bizarre, heroic,  spooky, and downright weird, in tales of cats who are  rescuers, ghosts, and telepaths; who can find their way home  from hundreds of miles away; and more.

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