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Cat Humor


diary of a cat
   True Confessions And Lifelong Observations Of A  Well Adjusted House Cat:

   The author of the bestselling A Cat's Little Instruction  Book now offers a cat's-eye view of life in the irresistible  form of a kitty's own private diary--a year's worth of  appealing observations that are at once heartwarming and  hilarious.

how to live with a neurotic cat:
   How to Live with a Neurotic Cat:

   In nine chapters Baker tells what makes a cat neurotic and  gives tips on feeding, grooming, and keeping the neurotic cat  amused.

why can't a man be more like a cat
   Why Can't a Man Be More like a Cat:

    Notes, Observations, & Ruminations Providing Paws for  Thought. This delightful, illustrated gift book extols the  virtues of the feline species and highlights the less savory  attributes of the male species--perfect for cat lovers and all women who think men could use a little improving.

scratching the net
   Scratching the 'Net:

   If you enjoy the fun and foibles of cyberspace, are a cat  fan, a veteran Web surfer, a fan of pop-culture parody, or  someone who just enjoys a truly funny book! AND, it makes the perfect affordable holiday gift for the cat, computer and humor lovers on your list!
Cat owners just think their furry felines spend the day napping. But once you get a look at this hilarious new book, however, you'll finally know the truth! In Scratching the 'Net: Websites for Cats, kitties rule the cyberspace craze with their own wild and woolly web sites

bad cats
   Bad Cats:

   A Collection of Feline Pranks & Practical Jokes.

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Books & Things for Kids


garfield 3-pack
   Garfield (Fat Cat 3-Pack):

   This omnibus edition starring everyone's favorite fat cat  includes three complete books: Garfield: Food for Thought, Garfield Swallows His Pride, and Garfield Worldwide.

Sticker Book
   Ultimate Sticker Books: Kittens

   Happy hands clap with delight for this book! Tactile patches allow children to feel and explore different aspects of a kitten, such as a rough tongue. Full color.

Princess Furball
   Princess Furball:

   This variant of the Cinderella story "features a beautiful young princess who runs away from home when her uncaring father arranges for her to marryan ogre. Before departing, the princess wraps herself in a coat of fur and carries with her a trio of tiny treasures that prove instrumental in allowing her to catch a distant king's eye and . . . become his beloved bride

draw 50 cats
   Draw Fifty Cats:

   The step-by-step way to draw domestic breeds, wild cats,  cuddly kittens, & famous felines such as Morris the 9 Lives  Cat

kittens are like that
   Kittens Are like That:

   Illustrated in full color by the author. All sorts of lovable  kittens are shown in their daily activities.

Cat Coloring Book
   Cat-Coloring Book:

   IExpertly rendered illustration of plants, flowers and animals accurate enough to be used as identification aids! Informative captions provide valuable information. Most include full-color illustrations on the covers. Fun and educational for nature lovers of all ages. All illustrations can be used for many art and craft purposes, without fee or permission.

   Kids World Almanac of Animals and Pets:

A compendium of fascinating facts about animals is combined with a practical guide to pets and their care. The book is fully illustrated and written especially for the 8- to 14-year-old group.


   Fun Packs are a colorful selection of high-quality,  collectible stickers. They feature a variety of subjects,  cats, trucks, teddy bears, and more. Encourages creativity  in children of all ages!

great grandpa's in the litter box
   Great Grandpa's in the Litter Box:

   Zack takes home from the local animal shelter a scruffy  tomcat who not only talks but claims to be the  reincarnation of Zack's Great-Grandpa Julius.

how to draw cartoon cats
   How To Draw Cartoon Cats:

   This book is an instructional guide for drawing cartoon  cats, kittens, lions, and tigers.

cats: first pets
   Cats: First Pets

   First Pets is an appealing series of books for children  who love animals. Whether or not they have pets of their  own, they'll delight in the vivid color photographs and fine  illustrations. A short easy-to-read text gives basic information on the animals' characteristics and varieties

garfield chews the fat
   Garfield Chews the Fat:

   Here, Garfield answers important questions on food,  naps, and dessert.

oscar, cat-about-town
   Oscar, Cat-about-Town:

   When a little girl finds a stray cat and leaves him with the  country vet, Herriot and his wife fall in love with him and  name him Oscar. But the cat keeps sneaking away, and they  don't know why--until he begins turning up at social events  all over the village. It seems Oscar is just a cat who likes to visit: a cat-about-town. Color illustrations.

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