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Cat Myths


no more myths
   No More Myths:

   The first book of its kind to include information on both  dogs and cats, No More Myths maintains that most of the  long-held, conventional, wise sayings handed down through  generations about pets and pet behavior problems are untrue.  Dr. Schwartz, a veterinarian who specializes in pet behavior  problems, explodes these myths with wit, wisdom and  research. 60 photos.

The Mysterious Magickal Cat
   Mysterious Magickal Cat:

   In The Mysterious Magickal Cat you will discover:
The origins of cats, big and small.
Little-known details about cat anatomy and behavior.
How to read a cat's verbal and non-verbal communication.
The cat in ancient history and superstition.
Feline deities from around the world.
Sacred breeds and temple lore.
Felines in folklore, literature and art.

Cat in Ancient Egypt:

Most modern domestic cats are descendants of the cats of ancient Egypt. These beautiful and engaging creatures represent, therefore, a living link between Egyptian civilization and the completely different world of today. Dr Malek's absorbing survey shows that wild cats were probably domesticated at least as early as 2000 BC but started to be regularly included in tomb paintings of family life only some 500 years later, during the New Kingdom. Dr Malek draws evidence from a vast range of artistic and written sources to show how the cat became one of the most widely-esteemed animals, revered as a manifestation of the goddess Bastet. Large numbers of mummified cats were buried in the Late Period, and bronze statuettes of cats were dedicated to temples during religious festivals. Illustrating the text with representations of cats in tomb paintings, sculpture, papyri, jewellery, ostraka, mummies and coffins, the author conveys the affection and respect in which cats were held in ancient Egypt. This lively and readable book will surely prove to be the definitive account of the Egyptian cat: aristocrat of domestic animals.

The Everlasting Cat
    Everlasting Cat:

   A delightful book for all animal lovers, The Everlasting Cat takes an historical look at the cat's unique hold on the human imagination and points out its place in religion, folklore, and literature, presenting a refreshing approach to understanding our perception of the feline mystique. Carefully researched, this fascinating volume addresses the myths and superstitions about cats in such contexts as philosophy, legend, folklore, fairy tales and ancient civilizations, sometimes startling the reader with the stranger beliefs about cats and the bizarre roles assigned to them.

the mythology of cats
   The Mythology of Cats:

   A collection of stories, myths, legends, and interesting  tidbits about a wide array of feline types, this volume covers  over 30 different breeds. Line drawings & photos.

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Animal Rights


ranch of dreams
   Ranch Of Dreams:

   Cleveland Amory shares his collection of stories of rescued  animals.

you can save the animals
   You Can Save The Animals:

   Cleveland Amory share in this revised and expanded edition  of her classic Save the Animals!, Newkirk presents real-life  accounts of the violent treatment of animals and provides  simple ideas, resources, and suggestions for helping to end  animal cruelty. The simple acts of kindness outlined in this  book will show readers how they can make a humane difference in the lives of animals

animal rights & human obligations
   Animal Rights And Human Obligations:

   An overview of historical and contemporary writings  addressing both the nature of nonhuman animals as well as  our duties to them. Contains selections from Aristotle,  Descartes, Aquinas, and Schweitzer; also, discussions of  factory farming and the use of animals in research.

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse:

   Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention

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