William M c Laughlin Family Chart

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McLaughlin 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
ANCESTOR: William McLaughlin George Willard McLaughlin Ancil McLaughlin Ralph McLaughlin
dates: 1817-1867 1854-1936 1888-1947 1921-1967
BIRTH LOCATION: Maine Medway, Maine Medway, Maine Medway, Maine
DEATH LOCATION: Medway, Maine Medway, Maine Medway, Maine Medway, Maine
SPOUSE: Hannah Bennett Nellie E. Lyons Zelma E. Lyons Lera Waite
dates: 1810-1880 1866-1953 1891-1966 1925-1995
Children: Priscilla Merle Harry L. Carol Ann
Nancy T. Ancil Lawrence Sandra
Frances M. Perlie Gerald Sharon
Israel P. Roger Nellie Douglas
Sally John L. Kathleen Mildred
George Willard Muriel
Carroll A.
NOTES: In 1855, William purchased land in Medway from John Lynch and homesteaded there for several years. Nellie became Town Clerk in 1938. Ancil took over operation of the Medway ferry in 1928, and was elected road commissioner in 1926 and 1936. In 1957, Ralph and his family moved into Ross Waite's old farm in Chester. He died there in 1967.
Ralph was a tailgunner in a bomber in the Pacific during World War II. Lera was a clerk at the Pentagon during the war.

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