My Family Chronology

1604 Samuel de Champlain and Pierre du Gua de Monts land at l'Île Sainte Croix in Passamaquoddy Bay, along the border between modern New Brunswick and Maine. Founding of Acadia. Abraham Martin is possibly among the crew.

L'Ordre du Bon Temps, first social "club" in America, organized at Port Royal on November 14th.

Richard Nason born in Stratford-on-Avon, England.

1617 Abraham Martin, dit L'Ecossais (the Scot), master pilot, settles in Quebec, grazing his cattle on the heights that become known as the "Plains of Abraham".
1617/18 Captain John Waite born in Essex, England.
~1620 William Haskell born in Somerset, England.

Étienne Racine, from Normandy, France, arrives in Quebec.

William Haskell arrives in Salem, Massachusetts.

1636 Jean "Jehan" Gaudet arrives in Acadia.
Antoine Pepin (dit Lachance) born in Le Havre, Normandy, France.
1637 Pierre Micheau (dit Michaud) born in Fontenay-le-Comte, Poitou, France.
1638 Captain John Waite emigrates from Essex, England to Malden, Massachusetts.
John Boynton emigrates from Yorkshire, England to Boston, Massachusetts.
Richard Nason emigrates from Stratford-on-Avon, England to Kittery, Maine.
1639 John Boynton, and his brother William, are among the original settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts.
1643 Olivier D'Aigre born in (possibly Aigre, Saintonge) France.
1643 William Haskell settles in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
1648 Abraham Soblet (Sublett) born in Sedan, France.
1654 Marie Ancelin, future wife of Pierre Michaud, born in LaRochelle.
1655 Antoine Pepin (dit Lachance) arrives in Quebec.
1656 Pierre Micheau sails from LaRochelle for Quebec.
1656 Guilliam Bertholf born in Sluis, Zeeland, the Netherlands.
1663 Olivier D'Aigre departs from LaRochelle for Acadia.
1665 Marie Ancelin and her family emigrate from LaRochelle to Quebec.
1666 Barnabé Martin emigrates from France to Acadia.
1675 Captain John Waite takes command of a company in defense of the colony during the King Philip's War.
1684 Rev. Guilliam Bertholf emigrates from Sluis to Bergen, New Jersey.
1690 Abraham Soblet (Sublett) arrives in Jamestown, Virginia.
1693 Baker Nason kills his brother Jonathan with an oar while boating on the Piscataqua River. He is eventually acquitted by a court in Boston.
1778 Captain John Skimmer dies on August 3 during a naval battle between his ship, the General Gates, and the British brigantine, the Montague. After a 5-hour engagment, the Montague struck her colors and surrendered.
1785 Joseph Simon Daigle, Jean Martin, and other Acadians settle along the St. John River valley at Madawaska (now Maine/New Brunswick border). Joseph erects the ACADIAN CROSS along the banks of the St. John.
1787 Pierre Michaud and other Kamouraska settlers arrive in Madawaska.
1817 William McLaughlin born in Maine.
1833 Royal Boynton purchases land in Medway, Maine.
1838 Romaine Michaud settles in Wallagrass, Maine, following the Aroostook War.
1843 George Washington Waite arrives in Medway, Maine.
1845 George Inness born in New York City.
1862 Joseph Nason enlists in the 26th New Jersey Infantry Volunteers.
Phillip Branch Sublett enlists in the 179th Virginia Military Regiment (Confederate).
George Inness enlists in the 82nd NY Infantry Volunteers, wounded at Savage's Station, Virginia and discharged with disability.
1863 Phillip Branch Sublett re-enlists in the 25th Virginia Infantry Battalion (Richmond Local Defense). He is discharged within the month after "providing Mr. M.D. Tarr as a substitute...."
1864 Joseph Nason re-enlists in the 39th New Jersey Infantry Volunteers.
William Waite enlists in the 11th Maine Infantry Volunteers.
1865 Joseph Nason dies from wounds received in action at Petersburg, Virginia.
1866 Ellsworth Price Bertholf born in New York City.
1870 Constantine Joseph Smyth emigrates from County Cavan, Ireland, to New York City at age 11.
1884 George Willard McLaughlin purchases 17 acres in Medway, Maine.
1897 Lt. E.P. Bertholf begins the Pt. Barrow, Alaska, rescue operation and is eventually awarded a Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.
1915 E.P. Bertholf is named first-ever Commandant-Captain of the U.S. Coast Guard.
1917 C.J. Smyth appointed by President Wilson as Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia.

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