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Updated February 16, 2002 by Lennart Elg

Modeling logging in Sn3

This WEB-site is about modeling the logging industry and its connected railroads as it developed in the Pacific Northwest in the late 19th century. It is mainly a source of ideas, and I hope inspiration, as my own modeling is in its early stages. Since my modeling is on a strict budget the emphasis is on kitbashing opportunities etc. If you can afford PBL brass good for you, but you will not find it here..

What´s new on this site ?

My favorite linksMajor update February 16, 2002. All links validated.
Track planning ideas Trackplan revised February 4, 2001
Some Swedish logging photosMany new photos added Jan 22, 2001
Sn3 modeling ideas Updated August 1999
About the author Link to family history added August 20, 1999
References Updated July 1999
The prototype Sloat Lumber Co. Section on 30" gauge logging added, Aug 30, 1998

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