Adam has acted in seven movies so far. At least one every year since 1992, except for 1994. Here they are:

(a star means I have seen the movie)

1.)Laws of Gravity*: (1992)Nick Gomez's directorial debut as well as Adam's acting debut. He plays Jon, a reckless thief who has a problem with hitting his girlfriend. Peter Greene plays his slightly more mature friend. Paul Schulze is in this one, too. Adam is quite good, but the film is marred a little because of all it's f%$#ing profanity.:) That is the way those characters would talk, so if 200+ swear words don't bother you, you'll enjoy this. Here are some Laws of Gravity reviews:


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Laws of Gravity Trivia Bit... The movie was filmed in just 12 days on a budget of $38,000. James Cameron would be horrified. Good.

2.)The Good Fight: (1992)Acclaimed TV movie about a lawyer(Christine Lahti) who defends her son's best friend. The young man is dying of mouth cancer and wants to sue a tobacco company which he blames for his illness. Adam is often the highest billed "young person" but I'm still not quite sure if he plays Christine Lahti's son or the one with cancer. Kenneth Welsh and Lawrence Dane are also in this, and whichever "young man" role Adam doesn't play is probably played by Jonathan Crombie, who you might remember as Gilbert Blythe from the "Anne of Green Gables" movies. Unfortunately, The Good Fight has no reviews or links.

3.)The Saint of Fort Washington*: (1993)One of my favorite movies of all time. A beautiful, heartwrenching story of two different men- one a bitter yet kindly Vietnam vet, the other a gentle schizophrenic- who meet and become friends at a homeless shelter, then try and survive the streets of New York. Danny Glover and Matt Dillon give excellent performances as the aforementioned characters. Adam actually has a very small role; he is walking with Kevin Corrigan and Brian Tarantina in a park toward the beginning. They stop and "tease" Dillon. If you miss this, you're missing a treasure!

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Saint of Fort Washington Trivia Bit... The script for this film was penned by Lyle Kessler, the same man who wrote the play/film "Orphans", which inspired Adam to become an actor.

4.)The Underneath*: (1995)Peter Gallagher stars in this somewhat-interesting film made by the same man who brought us Sex, Lies and Videotape and the spectacular King of the Hill. Peter plays a loser who is having problems with his wife, gets involved in gambling, etc. (It's been a while since I last saw it.) Adam has the role of David Chambers, Peter's cop brother, who hates him. Joe Don Baker, Alison Eliot and Elisabeth Shue costar.

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5.)Palookaville*: (1996)Tale of three bumbling losers (Adam is Jerry, the married one who likes doughnuts and cereal) and their attempts at thievery. Critically acclaimed comedy and deserving of its fame; Palookaville is a charming treat. I expected the "Pink Panther" theme to start playing any minute. With oddball du jour Vincent Gallo, William Forsythe and Frances McDormand.

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6.)Illtown*: (1997)The second Adam Trese/Paul Schulze/Nick Gomez collaboration. Based on the book "Cocaine Kids", this stars Michael Rapaport, Lili Taylor and Kevin Corrigan as drug dealers who wish to escape their lifestyle. Adam is Gabriel, a bad druggie. Tony Danza and Isaac Hayes are also in it. It doesn't get very good reviews, but that's a wonderful cast and the movie is intriguing and creative. Adam does cool things like vanish and appear out of nowhere, and he has an entertaining dance.:)

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7.)The Polish Wedding: (1998) Another of Adam's movies I definitely wouldn't mind seeing whenever it comes to video. This one's about a Polish family and the marriage of their young daughter, palyed by Claire Danes. Get this; Adam, who was nearly 30 when this was made, plays the guy she's marrying. (Claire Danes is two days older than me; gag me!) Lena Olin and the talented Gabriel Byrne are also in here, and it sounds pleasant and proper.

A Polish Wedding Website

Of Claire Danes, Adam nicely said, "It was a cinch to fall in love with her."

ADAM'S TV SHOWS: "Push" (above) is Adam's second regular series. Adam's the one in back (wearing kind of a reddish T-shirt). His character, Victor, is a gymnastics coach who ends up coaching a team with his old girlfriend. "Push" aired last year on ABC for about three Monday nights (two where I live!) at 8 p.m. It has been described as "Melrose Place with half the fat" and, no offense, seemed doomed to fail. But I don't think ABC gave it a fair shot at all! Here, visit a wonderful Push website!

Adam has also appeared on at least four law shows: "Law and Order", where he played a gay policeman; "NYPD Blue", where he appeared on two different episodes as Kim Delaney's troubled brother Doug Russell;"Murder She Wrote" and "Homicide." That's not all; he was featured in a short-lived 1995 drama series about firefighters with Peter Boyle, Ving Rhames and Tate Donovan called "Philly Heat." He has appeared in Anne Heche's directorial debut, a short film, with Kevin Corrigan and finally the diverse Mr. Trese is a stage actor, as well. ("A View From the Bridge", "The Matchmaker.") The unfortunately short-lived "Mercy" is his latest credit.

Adam in a scene from Palookaville.

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