SUNY Purchase College, located in Purchase NY, boasts a film department which has given Hollywood and Indieland the likes of Hal Hartley (Flirt, Henry Fool), Parker Posey (The House of Yes, Party Girl), Nick Gomez (Laws of Gravity, New Jersey Drive), Wesley Snipes (you ought to know who he is), Stanley Tucci (Big Night, Beethoven), and of course Adam. Adam, Ms. Posey and filmmaker Todd Baker(Men of Means), were part of the class of 1991. Here are some links about the school itself and the interesting people who went there.

The College: Their website, includes plenty about the film department and they even have a guestbook.

Parker Posey Website: A detailed page about the acclaimed indie actress.

Hal Hartley Website: Includes a glance at "Henry Fool", which also features Parker Posey.

Wesley Snipes Page: Made by Celebsite, not by a fan. This says he went to the Manhattan School for the Performing Arts but something else... I believe the Internet Movie Database...also says he is indeed a Purchase alumna.

Todd Baker Page: Not a page made for the up-and-coming actor/producer/writer but made by him!

Sherry Stringfield Website: A very gushy page about the ER actress.

More coming....


Besides those you have heard about, the school also features such alumni as Seth Gilliam (who gives an excellent performance in Courage Under Fire), Adam's Laws of Gravity co-star Edie Falco, director Eric Mandelbaum (the upcoming Roberta), Melissa Leo ("Homicide", A Time of Destiny), actor/producer Bob Gosse and many others...

From left to Right: Wesley Snipes, Hal Hartley, Parker Posey, Sherry Stringfield,and Stanley Tucci (with Hope Davis).

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