Welcome to a brief but heartfelt page dedicated to the talents of an up-and-coming actor, one Mr. Adam Trese.

With Claire Danes in Polish Wedding. In this picture, Adam is the one on the left.

Does he look familiar? Probably not.... but then again, he might. Adam has appeared in just seven films so far, most of them indies. However, he has also guest-starred on four popular law-based shows (you may remember him from "Homicide", "Murder She Wrote" or "Law and Order" or as Kim Delaney's brother on "NYPD Blue") and had feature roles in 1995's short-lived TV series "Philly Heat" and 1998's "Push" (as gymnastics coach Victor Yates). Finally ,Adam has also appeared on stage in "A View From the Bridge" with Anthony LaPaglia, Allison Janney and Gabriel Olds; in the recent "Mercy"; and in "The Matchmaker."

Born on January 4th, 1969, Adam Trese (pronounced "Tracy", I hear) graduated in 1991 from S.U.N.Y. Purchase in Purchase, New York (a group of working actors and directors which also includes Parker Posey, Wesley Snipes, Stanley Tucci and filmmakers Hal Hartley and Todd Baker). Adam made his film debut in Laws of Gravity, directed by yet another S.U.N.Y Purchase alum, Nick Gomez. His impressive performance as the hotheaded Jon impressed most critics. Other films include The Saint of Fort Washington (a small role, but the one where he caught my eye), Steven Soderbergh's The Underneath, and the acclaimed Palookaville as well as Illtown and the TV movie The Good Fight. Most recently, Adam appeared opposite Gabriel Byrne and Claire Danes in The Polish Wedding, which played in very limited release this past summer.

There's Adam in the middle, with Vincent Gallo and William Forsythe.

There's really not much I can tell you about Adam yet because I don't know a whole lot about him. But any actor who can earn my interest with less than ten films to his name has a gift. I guess all I have to say is check out some of these links to learn more about Adam's movies and be sure to sign the guestbook and to come back regularly! Anytime I learn anything new about Mr. Trese, this page will be the first to let YOU know.

"He's coming out with something big that I think will make him real famous leading man type of stuff"- Director Alan Taylor (Palookaville) on Adam Trese

Visit the Polish Wedding official site! Or go to The Shooting Gallery for info. on Laws of Gravity and Illtown.

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illtown is now on video! And Adam is getting some publicity. Read an interview with him from the Associated Press from around the release of Polish Wedding.

***POOR, POOR "PUSH"! IT LOOKS LIKE IT IS OFFICIALLY CANCELLED. ABC didn't even give it a chance!! A cancellation after one episode? And what's this about it returning in summer? They showed one freakin' episode. EMAIL ME WITH YOUR THOUGHTS ON PUSH!***


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Read my Internet Movie Database reviews, including ones for "Push" and most of Adam's films!

And actually, email me with anything... your thoughts on Adam, info. about him, info. about yourself.. anything! And of course if Adam Trese is out there himself, I would love a note from him, too.:) Thank you for visiting this page and take a quick glance at my other ones...

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His Movies and TV Shows: From Laws of Gravity to Push
S.U.N.Y Purchase and Its Alumni: A school with a lot of cool people
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Critics on Adam and on his movies: Some of them are mean, but what do critics know anyway?
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