Leonardo the BAD actor!

What a girly picture.

I know, I know. Another Leonardo DiCaprio Hate Page. Just what the world needs. Actually, I'm not being sarcastic when I say that. Another Anti-"Leo" page (as we all call the little lion) is what the world needs. We have got to do something about The Most Overhyped Actor in Hollywood History. I know a LOT of actors, and I don't dislike many, but Mrs..er, Mr. DiCaprio is way up there on my Most Hated List. There are already many great anti-Leo pages out there, so why did I decide to make my own? Because he bugs me so much, and I have to be honest, also to see what kind of hate mail and guestbook entries I get.:) I'm looking forward to a lot of entertaining ones! So go ahead and sign my guestbook...

But before you do, try and refrain from whining how someone bugging someone else is not a reason to display hate toward them. First of all, I don't actually hate stupid Leo, I don't even know him. There are reasons that Neolardo bugs me, actual solid reasons, and here they are.

(These are in no particular order.)

Look at the little girl sweep her hair back! She's trying to be James Dean.

REASON #1: Pictures like that! No one can deny that Leonardo looks, well, like a female. It's almost eerie how girly he looks. He practically makes the Hansons look masculine! Skinny, long blonde hair, delicate features. Ugh. But maybe Leo can't help looking like a girl... but if that's the case, WHY DOES HE POSE IN SUCH FEMININE POSES? Sorry, but you just don't see many men relaxing on sofas with their heads on their hands or soaking wet in a skintight outfit. (There's one of those somewhere out there. I saw it in US magazine with some obnoxious quote.) Maybe that's just the way society is or the way I am but I personally don't want to see normal, straight men looking like that. If you're going to put a man gazing dreamily into the distance on a sofa, make it one who looks like a man. I don't know, otherwise it just bothers me! But perhaps that's a petty reason, so I'll go on to my next one.

What a serious thespian. I'd hate to see their other 24!

REASON #2: He's a cheesy, obnoxious liar! First, the cheesy part. He 's notorious for club-hopping with models, for pity's sake! Somehow I find it hard to take an actor who club-hops with models yet says he "gets annoyed by beautiful girls" seriously. Now for the obnoxious part... boy, I could go on and on about that. I'll just say that in every article I've read about Mr. DiCapitated, he's swearing or acting about as old as he looks. (10 or so.) He's supposed to do impersonations of people behind their backs. I can't stand when anyone talks about someone behind thier back, even if it's "all in good fun." If you can't do the impression in front of the person, Leo, don't do it at all! And now, finally, the liar part. Yes, we all lie. We're just not all as stupid about it as DaVinci. He got a black eye (which goes with the cheesy thing) from running into a doorknob? Come on, Leo, what were you doing, walking on your knees? Yeah, sure... he didn't go to the Oscars so he wouldn't interfere with James Cameron's glory. James, the self-proclaimed "King of the World", NEEDS someone to interfere with his glory. I couldn't care less if Leo were at the Oscars or not, but doesn't he even care a smidgen about all his little fans?

More proof of Leo's obnoxiousness:

The New York Post reports that Leonardo DiCaprio got a little rowdy on the late-night revelry circuit in New York over the weekend. Around 4 a.m. Saturday morning, says the paper, Leo left a star- studded SoHo bash, headed for the Upper West Side with a pal, and promptly began banging his fists against the side of a pickup truck and singing "like a cat in heat," according to a witness. When an apartment resident looked out her window and asked him to leave, DiCaprio retorted, "What's the matteródo you have to work in the morning?"- from MR. SHOWBIZ

"I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what makes me happy, and it has taken me a while to admit that acting like a child and a jerk is fun."--Leo DiCaprio (yup, that admirable quote comes straight from the horse's mouth!)

Nice jacket.

Okay. So Leo's effeminate. He's cheesy. He's obnoxious. And he's a liar. Now, in different circumstances I might be able to look past those qualities. I might even like someone cheesy, girly, obnoxious and dishonest IF THAT PERSON WAS A GOOD ACTOR! AND LEONARDO DICAPRIO IS NOT!!! That brings me to....

REASON #3: The biggest reason I hate Leo... HE IS THE MOST OVERRATED ACTOR IN HOLLYWOOD HISTORY!!! Honestly, I don't know what critics get with "the next DeNiro" (as they like to think of him.) He plays the same childish "lovable" smart aleck in every single one of his movies!

Take "This Boy's Life", the only even remotely entertaining DiCraprio movie. I don't blame (the real) Robert DeNiro for wanting to hurt him! What a brat! He tried to play that Tobias Wolf author but he whined and did his stupid impersonations throughout the entire film. And "Marvin's Room." What did Leo play? The rebellious teenage son. Who was Jack Dawson in "Titanic"? A loud, third-class citizen. (I have made a vow never to see that overhyped horribly-scripted thing. The ten-thousand trailers are enough!) Romeo. That grating "ExCUSE me!" brat from Growing Pains.. (I've hated him ever since then!) Each and every character is the same!

Some of you might be gasping and thinking, "Well, what about that wonderful, touching performance in 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape', huh? Leo was nominated for an OSCAR for that!" Big deal. Minne "Love Interest" Driver was nominated for "Good Will Hunting." To give Leonardo DiAnnoying-oh credit, that role was a bit different... however, it's the performance of his that bugs me most of all! For some reason, my fellow Leo haters tend to grudgingly admit that he was "good" in that movie. Folks, I have worked with the mentally retarded and Leo was NOT portraying one! HE WAS MOCKING ONE! I'm surprised he didn't thump his hand against his chest! He looked like he was about to burst out laughing the entire time, too. It was HORRIBLE! If you want to see an excellent portrayal of the mentally retarded, watch Tom Hulce in "Dominick and Eugene" or John Malkovich in "Of Mice and Men." Or even Matt Dillon in "The Saint of Fort Washington" or Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man", who are schizophrenic and autistic, respectively, but still eight zillion times more Oscar-worthy performances than Leo's "Gilbert Grape" one. (Those are all better actors than Leo could ever dream of being, too.)

So there. Those are my reasons for disliking this... this...

THIS! What is the freak doing holding a peacock feather over his eye?! Put it back on the peacock where it belongs!

Finally, I'm not trying to convice any Leo fans to hate him. If you want to love him, do so. Everyone has their own taste. *condescending smile* As for those of you with GOOD taste, here are my pages for three actors definitely far more worthy than Mr. DiCaprioe!

Kevin Corrigan Adam Trese Matt Dillon

Look for more worthy actors below!

*just laughing*

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Excerpt from a Poem Written by the OH-so-Multitalented Leonardo:

Nominations, and little gold statues, and tiny little cards Nominations, originality, little sparkly dresses Sean Penn lives in a trailer Nominations....

by Leonardo DiCaprio

(My life will be changed now that I know Sean Penn lives in a trailer.)

News flash!: Leonardo has decided to move closer to the clubs so he can hop them with his models! That actually made an entertainment show.

AND ANOTHER BIG-DEAL NEWS STORY!!!!!: Extra, extra, read all about it. Leo is... TOO FAT! Our skinny little toy boy (I just love those words: "toy boy". It fits Leo so well!) has gained 20 or 40 pounds or something and now has to lose it... or else! This actually made a Yahoo! news coverage and people all over the world now know about Leo's weight problem. Can you believe it? WHO CARES! It's just another example of Fatsonardo's over-hypedness. Read this excerpt from a "serious" article and laugh at Leo and at the people who think we care about him:

His fortunes rose with ``Titanic,'' but will Leonardo DiCaprio be too pudgy to make it on ``The Beach''? The heartthrob has put on 20 pounds, thanks to a combination of junk food, nightclubbing and a knee operation that kept him out of the gym, the New York Post reported Tuesday. The extra pounds have Danny Boyle, director of DiCaprio's next movie, a little worried, the Post said. DiCaprio is due to start shooting ``The Beach'' in January. His $20 million starring role will require him to spend a lot of time in bathing suits and shorts. DiCaprio is reportedly on a strict diet and has scaled back the party life.- The Associated Press

(Ha ha! Scaled back the party life? How utterly cheesy.)

Apparently, he's slimmed down (snicker), but had to have some personal trainer to do so. Ha ha!

More news about The Beach, that "classic" Leo is filming now... location is somewhere in Thailand, and the people there are angry about what the crew is doing to their beach. Here's Leo's concerned response:

"It's a stab on my reputation if I'm associated with a film that comes in and recklessly destroys things"- Leo DiCaprio

Waaahh! Cry me a river, Leo. *roll eyes* Also noteworthy: he STOLE this role from Ewan MacGregor, just like he nearly stole sexy Christian Bale's role in American Psycho!

Uhhh... no thanks, Leo.

"I wanted to be an actor so all the girls would see me"-Leonardo DiCaprio

I prefer actors who go into the business because they love the craft and are good at it.:)

"I've been planted here to be a vessel for acting-"Leonardo DiCaprio

Now if THAT'S not the most conceited thing I've ever heard...

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