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Here are some great pages for and about some of the actors Adam has worked with:

My Snazzy List of Links

Mr. Independent Film- Kevin Corrigan: Kevin has acted with Adam in two features and a short. I made this one myself. *ducking head* I hope you like it.
Not Just the Guy From Gunsmoke!: Matt Dillon: He worked with Adam in "The Saint of Fort Washington." I also made this!
The Vincent Gallo Appreciation Page: Well-made site about Adam's "Palookaville" co-star
Alison Elliott Page: The star of "The Spitfire Grill" worked with Adam in "The Underneath"
Christine Lahti Page: Adam's "Good Fight" co-star. Beware of Java errors!!!
Claire Danes Site: Adam's significant other in "The Polish Wedding"
Gabriel Byrne Page: Another "Polish Wedding" co-star
The Michael Rapaport Fan Appreciation Page: Very nice page about the star of "illtown"
Lili Taylor Page: Yet another cool page about an "illtown" cast member
Another good Gabriel Byrne site:
Jason Behr Online: Adam's fellow Push gymnast

Ving Rhames: who appeared with Adam in "Philly Heat", not to mention The Saint of Fort Washington

Left to Right: William Forsythe, Vincent Gallo and Adam in "Palookaville". Visit the Vincent Gallo Page!

You can also visit.. The Sundance Channel or The Independent Film Channel. You may read about a movie of Adam's they are showing. There are more links coming. In the meantime, check out the links on the film and SUNY pages and always remember... if you have any info. about this wonderful actor, be sure to share it with me! Your input is needed, since Adam is so underrated. I thank you.

Here Are Links to Some Great Pages featuring Actors Who Have Never Worked with Adam but Are in the Same Vein As Him... Unknown, Underappreciated and generally in Indie movies..

Cameron Bancroft Unplugged: Cameron's another who flounders between television and indie film. He's bound to cross paths with Adam someday!

Nick Chinlund Page: Nick appeared in "A Brother's Kiss" with Michael Rapaport, Marisa Tomei and Adrian Pasdar. Speaking of which...

Here's an Adrian Pasdar Page which takes forever to load but it's worth the wait! And another great site...

Un-Adam related Links More coming...

Fighting with Peter Greene in "Laws of Gravity".

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