My Diet

Before My Diet (Jan 2000)

After My Diet (Nov 2000)

I went from 365 pounds in Feb 2000, down to about 185 pounds in September 2000.

In Febuary 2000, I had noted that I was suffering from sleep apnia, and my blood pressure had started to go up for the first time in my life. The thought that came into my mind was that I was getting older. Also, my family has a history of being diabedic, and if I ever became diabedic, losing weight would be hard.

I decided it was ďnow or never, so I decided to lose weight.

My secret (if there is such a thing) was two fold:

  • Count calories, and forget low-fat (fats would take care of themselves)
  • I noted that eating bread made me eat more of whatever else I was eating, so I had to cut out all bread and grains. In doing this, I was able to control my hunger a lot better. (no bread, sugars or starches)

As for my calorie goals for each day, I had a target of only 200 calories per day. Yes, that seems much too low, and I probably missed that target many days. But I would say that most days I never went above 300 calories.

In fact, in the middle of the diet, I read about how fasting is good for the body, so I went on a 7 day fast. I had only water for those 7 days, and it wasnít as bad as I thought it might be. (I was weak after the 7 days, but I guess that is what one would expect)

As a general rule, I tried to stay away from all sweet drinks and/or foods. I didnít care if the sweetness came from a zero calorie sweetner, I wanted my body to get used to not eating sweets, and more into all the other flavors.

Some people say this diet was alot like the Dr. Atkins diet, wnile others parallel it to other low carb diets. I didnít follow anything but my own common sense, and for once, it came through for me. (thank god for that)

Some day I think I might write a book about my diet experience. Iím always interested to know if anyone out there thinks this some a topic important or interesting enough to write about...but then, I know my diet and experience isnít for everyone. I guess my thoughts are that if my experience can help even a few it would be worth it.

Email me, and tell me what you think!


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