Volunteer Work

[Worcester Fellowship]

I do a little bit of volunteer work around the community. I wanted to post a few pages about the organizations I try to help so that you might know a bit more about them.

My days of unemployment took a toll on my volunteer efforts. I need to get back out and get on the ball.

I am currently helping out at Doreen’s Church and now I’ve begin a regular routine to help the Worcester Fellowship. Please check out my letter describing the Worcester Fellowship, and please consider helping too.

In about March 2011, I began volunteering at the VA Hospital in Bedford Mass. My work there is quite simple, I take people to Mass. There are a number of veterans there who are confined to bed or a wheel chair, and volunteers like me will take them down to the church to attend Mass. I missed going to Catholic Mass so not only am I helping people, but I like attending too!

My third “gig” is something that both Doreen and I do and it is a blast! We help out with a dance for LifeLinks, Inc., an advocate and service & support  provider for people with developmental disabilities and their families in the Lowell, Massachusetts are. We have a great time!

Last but not lease, I am helping doing Grocery shopping for homebound seniors as a volunteer for Minuteman Senior Services in Burlington, Mass. These are older retired people who need a hand....either driving them to shop or to do the shopping for them. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities they have in case you are interested.

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