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The Ancient World

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Church History

American History

Civil War

Great Depression

World Wars I and II



The Ancient World

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Encyclopedia Mythica includes legends, myths, and folklore.

Chronological History for Homeschool offers a timeline format and many links. Catholic.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are featured on this website.


Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient Coins is a serious look into the ancient world through the discovery and study of ancient coins.

Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Other Characters of Mythology features 2, 300 listed characters, geneologies of the "gods", attributes of the same, myths of the moon and so much more. Proceed with Caution: It is always helpful to keep in mind that this is mythology.

NM's Creative Impulse - Mesopotamia is probably the largest history link collection found on the Net. You will find more than information on Mesopotomia on this site!

Also look for NM's Creative Impulse - Egypt , NM's Creative Impulse - Greece and more on the main website.

Perseus Coin Catalogue


Ancient Egypt

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Archaeological Museum of Thebes is a website for those interested in serious study.

The Akhet-Aten Home Page is an excellent resource on the Egyptian period known as the Amarna Period.

Egypt and Art displays photographs and paintings of Egypt, ancient Egyptian art, and resources for ancient Egyptian mythology.

Egyptian Kings is a page from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism site. Like a virtual tour, it even includes a coloring book for kids.

Encyclopedia Coptica contains numerous links to sites on Egypt. The site was developed by the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt, a church based on the teachings of St. Mark but which did split from Rome. Springing from the ancient language of Egypt, the Coptic Language was the main source in translating the Rosetta Stone.

Guardian's Egypt is an extensive site on the history of Egypt. It even features a Kids' Page!

H-GIG Ancient History includes links to papyrological sites.

Hieroglyphs is another page on hieroglyphics; it explains the link between the ancient language and the Coptic.

Language of Ancient Egypt An excellent resource on the Egyptian language.

Nom en hieroglyphes is a hieroglyph encoder that appears to take the job seriously.

Oriental Institute appears to be more of a teen to adult resource on the study of papyrology and the ancient near east. An excellent reference.

Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian offers historical information on ancient language of the Nile. Since no one today speaks the ancient Egyptian language, this site provides detailed descriptions of the "guess-timated" pronunciation of hieroglyphs.

Royal Ontario Museum--Egypt is a very interesting site with features like a hieroglyph list, "instructions" on mummification, and a quiz on Ancient Egypt.

Sentence to Hieroglyphs Encoder is simply a colorful site that kids will enjoy. It does not really "translate" your language to hieroglyphs but changes phonetic spelling.

Short Introduction to Hieroglyphs is what it says - a nice introduction to hieroglyphs.

World Art Treasures is not an extensive site but it does include a nice variety of pictures like Egyptian artifacts and works of art.


Ancient Greece

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Ancient City of Athens Virtually discover the history behind this ancient city.

Acropolis Museum, Athens also offers archeological information.

Ancient Greek Sites on the WWW is what is says - a collection of links on ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek Virtual Tour from the British Museum features photos of Grecian artifacts.

Ancient Greek World: Introduction is a good starting place for the student and history buff.

History of Greek Costume displays Grecian styles from the Aegean Period to the 19th century.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology features the "Real Story of Hercules" and more.

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens provides an online tour.

19th Century Photography of Ancient Greece features an impressive photo collection of Grecian sites.

Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

Women in Greek Mythology is a personal home page with information on the mythical Amazons, major and minor Greek goddesses, Monstresses and Monstrosities, the Fates and the Graces, the Enforcers, Nymphs, and Human Women. Also includes references and links.


Ancient Rome

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Archaeological Museum of Sparta

Christian Catacombs of Rome examines the history of the early Catholic Church.

The Glory that was Rome offers a comprehensive look at the time when Rome ruled the world.

The Latin Library includes the original Latin Catholic works from St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. Inspiring for both Latin students and history buffs.

Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome features an impressive photo collection, the majority of which are Roman sites.

RomanSites Home Page is just one page from LacusCurtius , a huge and serious resource for those studying Ancient Rome.

Shroud of Turin offers the history and scientific information of Our Lord's burial shroud.

The Vatican - Rome, Part 1 provides historical, artistic and archeological information. Also see...

The Vatican - Rome, Part 2


Early Church History

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Biographies of the Saints features photos or artwork and links for each chronicled saint.

Camelot Project is a serious website of Arthurian texts, bibliographies, images and basic information on the Age of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Although the approach appears secular, it fits right in with early Church history.

Keeping Catholics Catholic Timeline displays a timeline of Church history and other significant historical events. Since the timeline was a six year project, this site has some very detailed information.

Latin Inscriptions leads viewers to ancient documents in Latin.


American History

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Maps - Color Landform Atlas of the United States and  Outline Maps can be printed and used for private or classroom use.

Archiving Early America is a reference site.

American Colonial Times is another overall look at colonial days.

The American Immigration Home Page provides a look at immigration throughout our history.

American Hero Cards provides a comprehensive view of the names and faces in history.

American Revolution gives information on the Thirteen Colonies and more.

Before Jamestown provides historical information related to the mystery of this early American town.

The Constitution of the United States of America can be found online!

Daniel Boone lists a chronology of events in the life of the real Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone from the historic St. Charles.

Daniel Boone's Home Page is another interesting site.

The World of Daniel Boone

Index of historical documents.

50 States and Capitals are all here.

Jamestown Rediscover the town that disappeared.

Jamestown Gallery provides a virtual tour of historic Jamestown.

History Beat - History on the Web covers United States history, world history timelines and history resources on the Internet.

Historic Documents of the United States of America is a good reference site.

Historical American Costumes features a homeschool teen who creates her own hand sewn costumes for girls. Very nice for those "re-enactment" groups!

The History Net - Featuring loads of fascinating materials

The History Place - Interesting pieces of  American history

Laura Ingalls Wilder is a look at the "Frontier Girl."

Laura Ingalls Wilder is a "My Little House on the Prairie" home page.

Little known historical facts provides vignettes about Native American contributions to U.S. history

Signers of the Declaration follows the lives of those who signed the Declaration of Independence after the historic event.

United States Presidents offers historical timeline data on each United States president.


Civil War

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A Civil War Reading List from the Civil War, USA site

A Civil War Reading List by Mark Pitcavage

A Suggested Reading List is specific to those Americans of African descent who served in Civil War troops.

A Complete Guide to the Civil War gives you a well-organized list of quality sites and recommendations on the American Civil war.

Abraham Lincoln Timeline includes a detailed timeline, photos, and links to his speeches.

Abraham Lincoln Online is a resource site for everything you want to know about Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site includes Abraham Lincoln's biography (geared for students), as well as additional information and links about Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln's Assassination delves into the topic of what happened on that Good Friday at the close of the American Civil War.

American Civil War Archives Information is a good site for those interested in Civil War reenactment and features lots of links to other Civil War sites.

American Civil War Homepage starts with a March 4, 1865 quote from Abraham Lincoln, "...but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish, and the war came."

American Civil War Page Education Planet allows you to search from over 110,000 quality educational resources on topics including the American Civil War.

American Wonder Worker - The Life and Miracles of Fr. Frances Xavier. Catholic.

The Blue and the Gray As our Southern friend and contributor writes, "You have to love God's sense of humor."

Cascoly Civil War Programs Download shareware found on this site; the registered version includes 16 additional battle images, including a cavalry charge and artillery. New! Store your best scores online in their Hall of Fame.

Catholic Field Chapel provides information, documents and photographs concerning Catholic priests and nuns who aided the soldiers of the Civil War and other periods.

Civil War Interactive is a free online Civil War magazine.

Civil War Online Library provides the official record of the war between the states.

Civil War Photographs is on the Library of Congress site and includes photographs and a timeline.

Civil War Reenactment Supplies is the website for Yesteryear, a unique shop of the revolutionary era, catering to those customers seeking period appropriate, ready to wear and made to order garments and household hardware. Nice for re-enactment groups!

Civil War Reconstruction focuses on the current attack on Confederate symbols and heroes, including the smears made against Thomas Jefferson.

Fr. Alister Anderson's Speech at the Arlington National Cemetery in 1999.

Gettysburg (1863) Civil War Game features downloads of shareware games and links.

Last General of the Civil War shares the story of Thomas A. Smyth and the Men of the 1st Delaware, 12th New Jersey,14th Conn. and 108th New York Vol. Reg'ts. Genealogy information. Historical data.

Fr. Abram J. Ryan - Find out who he was. Catholic.

Poetry of Fr. Abram J. Ryan features excellent literary material. Catholic.

Slavery and Christianity is an edifying section of this Catholic site.

Symbols in Battle offers a virtual collection of Civil War flags.

Teenage Reenactors Forum needs more Confederates and Yankees! Choose your position or let the "commander" do it for you - be it an officer or soldier in the Navy, Artillery, Infantry, Sharpshooters, Cavalry, etc. Homeschooled teens are on this forum.

Traditional Latin Mass and Catholic Customs Home Page In addition to Latin Mass information and Catholic stories on Halloween, Catholic priest Fr. Sarcher also features information about his own family's involvement in the American Civil War. There is also a beautiful tribute in the form of biographical information and photos of Fr. Thomas Byles, the priest who chose to go down with the Titanic.

37th Texas Calvary shares the historical information on this Southern calvary.

Untold Story of the Civil War tells the tale of Major John H. Gee, commandant of the prison at Salisbury, N.C. , whowas tried and acquitted on charges which were similar to some of those made against Wirz of Andersonville.

Virtual Trivia Civil War is a great "fun" site for teens and adults.


The Great Depression

The Great Depression offers a comprehensive look at the years before World War



World Wars I and II

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Before the Dawn: The Mysterious Conversion of Rome's Chief Rabbi during World War II tells of the true and inspiring reasons for the Jewish leader's conversion to Catholicism; additionally, his story defends against the spurious allegations made against the pope reigning during this era.

The Drop Zone is a virtual history museum with oral history from WW veterans. Download time is sometimes slow as a result of the site's many pictures, but it's worth it! The Catholic webmaster writes, "Sometimes one of the hardest parts of any oral history interview is trying to get soldiers to talk about their feelings and emotions, since they are trained to suppress them to get the mission accomplished. Even after 55 years, many soldiers are still grappling with the war. Staff Sergeant Jack Williamson, of the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment openly and vividly discusses his platoon's attack outside Bastogne around January 13, 1945. This is one of the best accounts on the site and captures a side of WWII that is often hidden from easy view."

Holocaust from Webquest.

Nazi Accounts Relating to the Deportation of Dutch Jews in July 1942 offers first hand historical accounts from those involved in the inhuman Nazi regime. Heartbreaking and true...

Not Hitler's Pope refutes the allegations made about the reigning pope of the World War II years. Catholic.  


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