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What's New on this Site?


February 26, 2002

Updated Catholic Homeschool Business Page


February 25, 2002

Updated Calendar of Events  

Updated Home Page

Updated History Reviews

April 1, 2001

Added Arlington Guidelines Open to Comment

Added Arlington - First Draft of Guidelines

Added Diocesan News - Position Paper or More Homeschooling Guidelines?

Updated Calendar of Events

Updated History Reviews

Updated Known Homeschool Sacramental Guidelines

Updated Special Needs


January 12, 2001

Uploaded Jesus at My House to the Articles Page


August 5, 2000


Added Algebra-Online and Why Study Algebra? link to the Mathlinks page.

Uploaded History Reviews page.

Added From Jesus to Christ, the Internet Medieval Sourcebook, Who Were the Macabees Fighting and Why?, Mishna, The Second Temple, and The Works of Flavius Josephus to the Historylinks page

Updated Other Homeschool Helps page with information on Homeschool Easy Records.

Uploaded Special Needs Page.

Updated the Calendar of Events page.


July 25, 2000

Added One Faithful Harp Publishing to the Catholic Homeschool Business Page.

Updated website link for Catholic Heritage Curricula on the Catholic Businesses Page.

July 18, 2000

The following page and review was added:

Science Page - Life Science: All Creatures Great and Small (Seton Edition)


 July 7, 2000

The following review(s) were added to pre-existing pages:

Catholic Weekly and Daily Lesson Planners by Salve Regina Books


The following pages were added:

Keeping It Catholic KISS Awards (given to great Catholic homeschool resources, this page will be updated with new award recipients on a "roughly" bi-monthly basis.)

Keeping It Catholic's Rating Scale for Reviews

Keeping It Catholic's Choose with Care Category

Keeping Catholic's List of Catholic Homeschool Businesses

Keeping It Catholic's List of Catholic Publishers

Keeping It Catholic's Online Homework Helps - Links to interactive, study and research sites. Categories range from Archeology to Safety Online links.

Keeping It Catholic's Other Homeschool Resources



 Outline of the Keeping It Catholic Site


Catholic Homeschool Review Main Page

Art - Under Construction

Bible - Under Construction

Character Traits - Under Construction

College - Under Construction

Educational Books for Parents -

-A Landscape with Dragons

-Catholic Education: Homeward Bound

-A Second Review on Catholic Education: Homeward Bound

-Catholic Homeschool Treasury - Review updated July 7, 2000

-Catholic Homeschooling - A Handbook for Parents

-Catholic Weekly and Daily Lesson Planners by Salve Regina Books Review added July 7, 2000

-Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum

-Harp and the Laurel Wreath, The


English - Under Construction

Geography - Under Construction

Handwriting /Cursive - Under Construction

High School - Under Construction

History - Uploaded August 5, 2000

Languages - Under Construction

Magazines and Newsletters - Uploaded July 7, 2000

Math - Under Construction

Methods - Featuring an in-depth look at Charlotte Mason.

Music - Under Construction

-Online Homework Help - this entire section uploaded July 7, 2000

-Art Links

-Astronomy Links

-Biology Links

-Creation Links

-Chemistry Links

-History Links

(From Ancient Mesopotamia to the World Wars I and II)

-Library and Reference Links

-Math Links

-Grammar, Reading, Writing Vocabulary and Phonics Links


Phonics - Under Construction


Reading and Readers

-The American Cardinal Readers

-Faith and Freedom Literary Readers



-Baltimore Catechism (New St. Joseph)

-Child's Bible History

-Bible History

-Faith and Life

-Our Quest for Happiness


Resources - Catholic Homestudy Programs provides overviews on the main page which continue on the following pages:

-More info on recommended books, enrollment and services at Kolbe...

-More info on recommended books, enrollment and services at MODG...

-More on Our Lady of the Rosary's curriculum and online services...

-More on enrollment options and books at Our Lady of Victory...

-More on enrollment options and books at Seton Home Study...


Resources - Keeping It Catholic's List of Catholic Publishers - Uploaded July 6, 2000

Saints Books for Children Under Construction

Science - Uploaded August 5, 2000

Software Under Construction

Special Needs - Uploaded August 5, 2000

Spelling Under Construction

Testing Under Construction

Unit Study Under Construction

Videos Under Construction



 Catholic Calendar of Events is the page to see if you're especially seeking information on a Catholic homeschool bookfair near you!


Keeping It Catholic Scrapbook - Inspiration and humor collected from the World Wide Web. Always under construction!
-Adam's Cost for Eve

-Eve's Compromise

-Cute Christmas Joke 

-Wife 1.0 Program

-Husband 1.0 Program

 -The Angel "Birdies" - A True Story

-Roses for Rose - a Love Story

-The Lesson

-Mom's Bill - No Charge 

-When God Created Mothers

-Abstinence - It's No Joke

-What I Didn't Know

-Why Mothers Cry

-The Parents' Poem

Catholic Homeschoolers Ask - Ask a question about Catholic education (which includes homeschooling) and, not surprisingly, the Church has the answer. The Q&A format includes answers from the encyclical Christian Education of Youth.

The Keeping It Catholic "Pit List" - Warning Flags - based on Church teaching (Tradition and Scripture), this is the one, the only, the original Warning Flag list!

-The Pit List of Warning Flags - Part Two
 The Bible - King James and Childrens Bibles

History - Greenleaf, Christian Liberty Press, Abeka and Bob Jones

Reading, Writing and Phonics -Learning Language Arts, Sound Beginnings and"Everyone's Talking About Harry!"



Keeping It Catholic's Collection of Articles - a growing collection from both The Catholic Family's Magnificat Magazine and Keeping It Catholic In Your Hearts and Homes Online Newsletter. (Note: You'll find quite a number of our original articles archived on EWTN Online.)


Balancing Your Day: Husbands and the Homeschool  

Building Your Own Catholic Curriculum

 Catholic Home Education: Which Approach to Use?

Catholic Fathers: Are Their Hearts At Home?

Can Parents Prepare Their Children for the Sacraments?

Charlotte Mason from the Catholic View

Family: Seminary of Hope (Fr. John Hardon. S.J.)

Four Reasons Why Catholic Homeschooling is Necessary (Fr. John Hardon. S.J.)

Home Catechesis - Hope for a Troubled World

Homeschool Doubts - What to Do When They Set In?

How to Keep Your Homeschool Catholic

How to Survive a Bad Case of Cabin Fever

 In Sickness and In Health - Homeschooling Alone

Jesus at My House

Summertime Schooling: To Do or Not to Do?

Structure - The Framework on Which to Build Your Homeschool

Making the Best of an Indoor Situation

Head of the Home, Heart of the Home

The NCEA Survey On Catholic Home Education (Parts 1 - 9)

Housework - the Homeschoolers' Haunter

Catholic Laymen in History and Science

How's and Why's to Teaching Catholic History

Catechesis with the New Catechism of the Catholic Church

Saints in Time - A Charlotte Mason Approach for Catholics

Making Ordinary "Extraordinary"

What the Church Says: "You are Educators Because You are Parents"


Keeping It Catholic On-Line Support Group - Join us online!

Click to join KeepingItCatholic

Vatican Received Document on Home Education - Read the 1995 document presented to the Vatican by the Round Table of Catholic Home School Leaders.

Keeping It Catholic Collection of Prayers - An Online Prayerbook Beautiful Catholic prayers collected from old prayerbooks. Always under construction! There are so many prayers yet to be uploaded to the site, this section will only include active links.

Acts of Faith, Hope, Love and Contrition

All Things Necessary Prayer

Angelus, The

Apostles' Creed (with "Necessary Prayers)

Baptismal Vows

Evening Prayers

Grace Before and After Meals

Guardian Angel Prayers

The "Necessary " Prayers

Morning Offering (Brown Scapular Devotion)

Morning Prayers

Short Daily Prayers

 Holy Communion, Prayers Before

Holy Communion, Prayers After

Examination of Conscience

Our Father (see Necessary Prayers)

Daily Neglects Prayer of Contrition (see Evening Prayers)

Night Prayers (see Evening Prayers)

 Angel Prayer of Fatima to the Holy Trinity

(same page as "Short" Prayers)

 Blessed Sacrament Prayer of Fatima (same pg. as "Short" Prayers)

Pardon Prayer of Fatima (same pg . as Short" Prayers)

Sacrifice Prayer of Fatima (same pg . as "Short" Prayers)

Rosary Decade Prayer of Fatima (same pg . as "Short" Prayers)



Homeschool Guidelines To Date On one page, you will find "sacramental" guidelines for homeschoolers from Atlanta, Baltimore, Boise, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Erie, the entire state of Florida, Harrisburg, Lansing, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Palm Beach, Peoria, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Toledo, San Diego, and St. Louis.


Round Table of Catholic Home School Leaders' Meeting
-1998 Part Two

-1999 Meeting


National Homeschool Fax Alert, Week of Nov. 22, 1998

Roman Catholic Faithful Letter on HS Issues

What IS Keeping It Catholic (K.I.C.)?

Hot News Flashes - What's New? New format as of June 18, 2000

 -Protest Launched Against NACHE

-NACHE in Atlanta-The Ban Against Seton Continues

-"Sex Ed" Series Publisher Sponsors TORCH Conference  

 -Homeschoolers Comment on the Big Issues

-TORCH Stories Are True

-An Agenda of Their Own

-Homeschoolers on Alert

-Do Endorsements Mean Conditions for Homeschoolers?

-NACHE/Cardinal Keeler - Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

-Anonymous Sniper Poet Tries to Shoot Messenger

-House Divided Article Brought Insights

-In Complete Agreement

-Sex Ed, Mothers Watch, Guidelines, Fr. Hardon

-A "Positive" Position on Pittsburgh?

-Voice from NJ on TORCH

-A NACHE-Oriented Line Up in My Support Group

-Hasson's TORCH Article Blew My Mind

-Commendation for Mothers Watch and Marianna Bartold

-TORCH: Heading Our Way?

-Eye-Opening Articles

-The Devil Made "Them" Do It!

-NACHE, Always Our Children, and Apostolos Suos

-Out of the Middle Ages?

-Spiritual Support for KIC

-House Divided Article Deserves Wide Reading

-I Reported You to Bishop McHugh!

-Kimberly Hahn's Input in Cincinnati Guidelines

-TORCH Member Objects to Pornography Expose

-Sheep Following Sheep?

-Disturbed Over National Catholic Homeschool Curriculum Idea

-Something Truly Catholic

-Former Catholic School Teacher Objects to HS Guidelines

-House Divided - An Excellent Article to Share!

-Is Reporting an Act of "Disunity"?

-TORCH - A Self Crowned Monarchy?



Hot News Flashes Page 2 - History of the Homeschool Debate Updated to new format June 18, 2000. Please check the actual page, as it provides viewers with the dates and a description of each article.

-NCEA Survey on Catholic Homeschoolers

-Homeschoolers: A House Divided

-TORCH "Greetings" Article

-Homeschoolers: Next Casualty?

-Homeschoolers and the Hierarchy

-Seton Article: Authority in the Church  

-Hasson's Private Letter to Seton

-The Pledge of Solidarity - Help or Hindrance?

-Twelve Problems with the Pledge

-What's Up with CHSNA?

-The Pittsburgh Story - A Dynamite Omission

-KIC and RCF: National Homeschool Fax Alert

-TORCH/NACHE: Setting or Skewing the Record?

-NACHE Issues Ultimatum Letter

-NACHE Bans Seton Against Fr. Hardon's Advice

-NACHE: Public Letter Reveals NACHE's Mindset

-KIC: Interview Request to NACHE

-NACHE's Response to Keeping It Catholic

-Wanderer News Piece on Seton/NACHE

-Saints and Scholars' Opinion Piece on Seton/NACHE

-Mothers' Watch: More Strikes Against NACHE

-CHSNA Comments on NACHE  


Hot News Flashes Page 3 - Puzzle Pieces Updated to new format June 18, 200

NACHE - A Date Problem. To see this discrepancy, go to

NACHE's Useful Links? See "what" it is...  

TORCH Logo: The Family in Flames?

The "New" NACHE: Bridge Under Construction

Homeschoolers Say No to NACHE

Homeschoolers: Why We're Not Happy with NACHE

 Priest Resigns from TORCH

"Official" (enforced?) homeschool program?

Dialogue with the Diocese - Is It Prudent?

No Previous Experience Wanted!

 Rome Didn't Deny It!

Diocesan Tricks of the Trade

Beware: Faith and History Quiz

 Protestant Flavored-but-Catholic-Owned



Sacramental Guideline Excerpts with Proof Texting Examples

-Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures are not Mandates

-Proof-texting Church documents

-Certified Parents?

 -Guideline Example, Cardinal Gagnon Comments on Catechesis, "Approved" Texts and Authentic Doctrine

 -Must Parents Enter a Written Agreement with the Parish?

Links of Interest to Catholic Families and Home Educators Updated August, 2000. There are so many links on this page, we couldn't list them all here!


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