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+Bethlehem Books
15605 Country Road 15
Minto, ND 58261

 Catalog Type: Online and Paper

Bethlehem Books offers an outstanding source of literary works, saints stories in "fairy tale style" and "living books" so popular with homeschoolers. Just a sampling of their titles include The Red Keep, They Loved to Laugh, The Ides of April, The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow, Between the Forest and the Hills, Once Upon a Time Saints, the "Letzenstein Chronicles" (beginning with The Crystal Snowstorm), the "Bantry Bay Series," the "Mitchell Series," The Winged Watchman, Augustine Came to Kent, Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal, Son of Charlemagne, Hittite Warrior, Archimedes and the Door of Science, and many, many more!


+Ignatius Press

PO Box 1339
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1339
Phone Orders (Visa/Mastercard only) call (800) 651-1531 toll-free from the USA and Canada.

Catalog Type: Online and Paper 

Ignatius Press (IP) carries a huge inventory of books and videos for Catholics. IP publishes the Faith and Life catechetical series, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, The Harp and the Laurel Wreath, A Catholic Homeschool Treasury, and Catholic Education: Homeward Bound.

+Leaflet Missal Company
976 West Minnehaha Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104-1556
1 -(800) 328-9582

Catalog: Online and Paper


A resource of all kinds of Catholic gifts, religious art, medals, rosaries, books (including coloring books), and statues. Warning Flags: Unfortunately, Leaflet offers titles on the subject of "Medjugorje" which has not been approved by the Church. They also carry Project Genesis, a "Catholic program for education in sexuality." Project Genesis raised controversy with Catholic parents nationwide.



Lost Classics Book Company
P.O. Box 3429
Lake Wales, FL 33859-3429

Reprints of history-related books and stories and several older textbooks - including a number of selections homeschoolers might find useful. Catholic owned, but not necessarily Catholic "focused," some of their materials like Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons are appearing in non-denominational homeschool catalogs.



+Neumann Press

Route 2, Box 30

Long Prairie, MN 56347


Toll-Free Order Line: 1-800-746-2521


Catalog: Online and Paper

Neumann Press is one fantastic resource of Catholic classics for the home and the school. They republished the Land of Our Lady history series and The American Cardinal Readers, as well as other materials. Their inventory includes the Our Quest for Happiness high school religion series, The American Cardinal Readers, Come Rack! Come Rope!, Song of the Scaffold, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, Angel Food Books (Volumes 1 through 4), A Child's Rule of Life, Old Testament Rhymes, An Alphabet of Saints and many other treasures. Most of their inventory are hard-bound, cloth covered books with gold stamped titles.

They also carry the newer Little Angel Reader phonics books for grades K-2 (including readers, workbooks, and teachers' manuals). NP's website says, "The selections we carry have been carefully chosen to carry forth ideas that are theologically sound, historically truthfully, and morally entertaining. All our books are Roman Catholic and loyal to the chair of Peter. All items carry a 30-day money-back guarantee."

Neumann Press also publishes the Catholic Hearth Magazine. See our Magazine review page.

This is one of those rare companies that keeps to their promises. Impressive service.


+Memoria Press
P.O. Box 5066
Louisville, KY 40255
(502) 458-5001

Catalog Type: Online and Paper

Memoria Press publishes Latina Christiana and Traditional Logic. Their catalog includes many other helps in the subject of Latin and rhetoric/logic. Memoria Press also sends an online newsletter to those who make inquiries from their website. Fast delivery.


+Pillar of Faith

Gannon University

Erie, PA 16541

Phone: 814-871-7706




Pillar of Faith carries various catechetical "programs" all based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Inventory includes Jesus, the Catechism and Me by Rev. Robert J. Levis, Ph.D; Catalog of Faith (interative software "computerized for the Nintendo generation"), and Restless Teens and Faith, the latter which appears to delve into delicate subject areas.


+Roman Catholic Books
P.O. Box 2286
Fort Collins, CO 80522-2286

Roman Catholic Books (as well as Latin Mass Magazine, which assimiliated the now out of print Sursum Corda Magazine) is a division of the Apostolate for Roman Catholic Reform. RCB's specialty is reprinting formerly out of print Catholic books. Their inventory tends to aim more at the late teen or adult level, some of which are obvious parental helps like The Mass: Explained to Children by Dr. Maria Montessori and the five volume series The Catechism in Examples by Rev. D. Chisholm.


Saint Austin Press
296 Brockley Road
London, SE4, 2RA
United Kingdom

Catalog Type: None

Noel Trimming's The Abigail and the Widow Mary, a child's short story, is showing up in a few nondenominational homeschool catalogs. This charming story doesn't necessary expound on Catholic truths regarding the Virgin Mary nor does it offend Protestant sensibilities. Please email the publisher for more information.


Saint Paul's Publishing
14780 W. 159th Street
Olathe, KS 66062
Catalog Type:
Online and Paper

Publishers of St. Paul's Family Magazine, Our Roman Roots, For the Beauty of the Earth and the Evangelization of the New World. Their website offers sample pages and detailed reviews of materials. Ordering information can also be found at the site.


Sophia Institute Press
Box 5284
Manchester, NH 03108
(800) 888-9344
Catalog Type:
Paper and Online

Sophia is another company specializing in republishing out-of-print books by Catholic authors. Their inventory ranges from titles like the popular older children and teen's book, My Path to Heaven: A Young Person's Guide to St. Thomas Aquinas' Three Greatest Prayers and Holiness for Housewives.



+Tan Books and Publishers
P.O. Box 424
Rockford, IL 61105
Phone: (815) 987-1800
Order Line Only: (800) 437-5876


Catalog Type: Paper and Online

Publishing since 1967, this Catholic publisher's inventory is extensive and impressive. A timeless resource, TAN  both reprints classics and publishes new works. Homeschoolers will like their Catholic coloring books, Catholic Children's Treasure Box series, Mary Fabyan Windeatt's saints biographies, Dr. Mary Kay Clark's Catholic Homeschooling, Mary Reed Newland's The Saints and Our Children, Catholic coloring books, all of Anne Carroll's history books, Fr. Laux's excellent high school religion series, and the works of Fr. Phillip Furlong like Pioneers and Patriots and The Old World and America.



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