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November 6th 1996 Toronto Ontario, The Warehouse.

Econoline Crush and The Tea Party

The night was amazing, from waiting 3 hours in the cold winter wind to sweating inside the Warehouse. No time could have been better spent.
Managing somehow to get to center stage at the boards we waited for the Econoline Crush set to start. Odd as it seemed they played Tonic over the speakers while we waited. Of course that was better then Leonard Choen's "first we take Manhattan" before seeing Catherine Wheel.
Anyways, hours after arriving at the Warehouse the show began. It was amazing. They started with Surefire, one of my favorite songs, and that set the pace for the rest of the set. Sounding exactly like the quality of their CD "The Devil You Know" they played a 45 minute set. It was incredible.

After their set, a tshirt run before the Tea Party. Nice shrits, and not bad pricing considering I've seen Sarah M shirts for about 40$. These were 25$ each, not bad. They had hats too. No posters could be found though. Odd.

At around 10 the lights went off and background music faded, enter Jeff, Stu and Jeff. Amazing they were. I don't think i stopped jumping for more then 30 seconds at a time. Jeff was funny, cracking jokes here and there, sitting down on a stool to play and poking at the microphone when he did the opening lines to "Sun Going Down"
you know "I woke up this morning, someone was knocking at my door.." etc.
Their set ended way too soon for my likes, but i suppose it had to end sometime.
A night that's burned into my memory forever.