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The Line Up:

Trevor Hurst - Vocals
Robbie Morfitt - Guitar
Ziggy - Guitar
Thom Christiansen - Bass
Nico - Drums

Purge was released in 1994. Songs on this album include Purge I/Out of Reach/ T.D.M./Cruel World/Pssyche/Purge II

Affliction was released in 1995. Songs on this album include Nowhere Now/Blunt/Wicked/Emotional Stain/Close/Blood in the River/Cruel World/Lost/Slug/Sycophant/Affliction

The Devil You Know, released in 1997. This album includes the songs Surefire/Sparkle and Shine/ Deeper/ Hollowman/Home/The Devil You Know/All That You Are (x3)/ Burnt/ Haven't Gone Away/ Elegant/ Razorblades and Bandaides