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Ok, um i guess i should apologize to a few of you who have sent me your page addresses since i haven't posted them. Sorry. i don't rilly have an excuse except that i'm a lazy ass :oP sorry.

Here are some other pages with information on Econoline Crush. There are not that many pages avaliable, if you have a page or know of one email me so i can add a link to it for everyone to see it.

Econoline Crush Burning Chrome Web Site

Alison's Econoline Crush Section

The Devil's Pit- An Unofficial Econoline Crush Web Site

iMusic - Econoline Crush Bulletin Board

Cz's Frames and Mind of Music

Cz's Frames of Mind and Music

'Cruel World': An Econoline Crush Site.

Sparkle and Shine Shrine

Amanda's Emotional Stain