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Last updated: December 29th, 1998.

December 29th, 1998.
i received and email earlier today telling me that the New Year's Eve bash is hosted by a local radio station and it's called Foxfest ' for the show are $39.99 so I'm assuming you can buy them through ticket master
that seems a big steep to me for a new years eve Econoline Crush gig..but who am i to say?
Wait a sec. i was just told that if you sign up with the station, (i don't know how you do that)they knock off ten bucks
Also..the radio station go together Keith Scott (Bryan Adams' band), Craig Northey (Odds), Ashwin Sood and Brian Minato (Sarah McLachlan's band) for the recording. Then came the singers: Bif Naked, Matthew Good, Trevor Hurst (Econoline Crush), Todd Kerns (ex-Age Of Electric), Yve (ex-Mollie's Revenge), Neil Osborne (54-40) to do a remake of "the artist"'s (i've always wanted to say that) song 1999...and released it on a cd, 1999- Year of the Fox,
All net proceeds go to THE FOX's BC's Children's Hospital Fund...
for further details check the stations website

happy new year folks.

December 27th, 1998.
News on EC in Vancouver for New Years Eve..
They'll be playing with Matthew Good Band and Todd Kern's new band, i'm unsure of the name of it at this point..
i'm not even sure about ticket info for this you live in the Vancouver area i'm sure you already know..but if you dont' you could just call our pals at ticketmaster and ask them..
and if someone does figure this whole thing out please drop me a line and let me know :)

And Happy holidays to all....
aren't exams over yet?

October 3rd, 1998.
Well folks on October 1st my friend kathryn and I had the pleasure of seeing EC at Barrymore's in Ottawa. What a great show. SWW was amazing live, we'd never seen them before but they sounded very good.
and well, to state the obvious, Econoline Crush sounded amazing as usual. It was nice to see them headline a show, for our 3rd EC experience it was only our first seeing them as headliner's..and let me tell you it was worth the wait. The show was great. and after the show we met 3 of the guys from SWW and got a few autographs. As well as Robbie, who so nicely took the setlish from kathryn and my cd covers on to the bus and got ziggy and trevor to sign them.
i think trevor is coming down with, or has, as cold, he mentioned he hadn't been feeling very well during the show.
so for your viewing pleasure i scanned a few things...

The set list notice TDM is on it. wow.
Purge autographs Back and Inside
TDYK AutographsFront and inside
The ticket with SWW autographs
oh and just for the hell of it..Anita i finally scanned that wonderful picture you gave me...
trevor at 102.1

September 28th, 1998.
Thanks to the EC fan who emailed me to let me know that EC will be at the Pacific Coast Music Awards show on November 8th. The show is being held at the Plaza of Nations near BC Place.

September 20th..
Thanks to Ashley for writing me to tell me that the show at the Lindsay Fair is all ages... and when you pay to see the fair you can see the band for head on out to that fair 8)

And don't forget September 24th is the annual MuchMusic Video Awards show.. so don't forget to watch and don't forget to vote..

August 26th..
New Dates :)
it's that time again :) econoline crush club dates in canada...and a few all ages shows...sorry kiddies :) so go check out the dates...

btw i'd like to thank everyone who has been sending me their rankings and stuff :) keep it up :)

August 3rd...
I've added a news and tour dates section to the place..lets hope i can keep it check out those dates...if you like..

Ok i decided it was too boring in here so i also added a place to send me your ratings of EC's albums..let us know which one you like best...

AND if that's not enough for you :) i've just added a Discussion Page :) feel free to post messages about this band or any other if you like...oh and a good thing about this discussion place, it send you an automatic email when someone posts a response to your message :) So go check that out too

Oh and one last liddo thing...i was checking my guestbook like i always do and found an entry that i disliked strongly. I was informed by someone that i wasn't doing my job with this page and shouldn't spend as much time looking after my tea party page because in their humble opinion is wasn't worth it. Well mebbe i should explain..see i made this page here as kind of my liddo tribute to the band, a way to say, yup i lurve yer music..and i want other people to also...i have other interests than this page let me tell you...although i do love ec's music i love other peoples music as well.. so i suggest if you think my page is a bad tribute to the bad you a)make a better page than mine or b)figger out what constructive critism is :P and use it. i don't mind suggestions...i can always use the help..but gimme a break i'm only one girl.

oh and a lil thank you to Dustin fer the new graphic :) it's just what this place needed thanks bubba

July 19th 1998
Okey dokey. I thought it was about time for an update here folks. SO. I don't rilly know of any news about the band other than the usual line up changed and that they are preforming at edgefest.
as far as i know they are not breaking up, obviously, since so many of us have seen them playing at edgefest.

What else?

Oh, and another thing, i didn't realize so many people actually visited this place. it's up over the amount of people who've been to my tea party page. I'm shocked.