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So, you have a favorite EC album? Have them all? How about ranking them..give them stars and tell us what you love about them...
Obviously * is not so hot and up to *****'s is a lot better
Tell us what you think of the albums...and i'll post it up for everyone else to see..

well, i don't have purge *sorry* but i really like affliction. i would give that one a whole lotta stars. then of course the devil you know. i would give that one a lot of stars too but not as many as affliction. they're all really good albums though!

Well I won't ramble, even though I am famous for it, LOL! My fave is Devil You Know. That album just really hits a chord with me, and I can relate to many of the songs on there. When I first listened to the words - and I mean DEEPLY listened to the words - it was like "WOAH, how did Trevor know that was happening to me". I could just relate. Broken relationships or not, it was a truly inspirational album they put out!

I realyy liked "The Devil You Know", because Trevor's lyrics deal with broken relationships and at this moment i could kill "Mr. Wrong" (no i don't belong to some satanic killing ex-boyfriends voodoo club or anything, it just my current feelings on the situation. P.S. Does anyone know where I can buy a sholder-cannon?)Anyway, although I like the "Devil You Know" better, ON "Aflliction" the song "Wicked" kickes some serious ass. So... now that i've finished venting on the "Fuck-head", i'll say good-day. Remember Trevor: Dana Loves you!
Dana Gray

AFFLICTION is definetly the best. It has a good musicality to it and a lot of emotion. Although TDYK has something to it, it's just not as good as Affliction. And I prefer the more industrial sound rather than the electronic rock thing too. And of course, we can't really exclude Purge, although it's just an EP, it still counts. It lacks maturity, but has so much passion in it. The Devil You Know loses some of that emotion... hopefully they'll find it back for the next album.

Purge recieves a 7 out of 10 on my "unofficial econolinecrush meter" just because it's only got 6 songs on it, and it's extremely hard to find, not to mention expensive. I like TDM, and psyche, cruel world is better on affliction Affliction recieves a 9 out of 10 on my "unofficail econolinecrush meter" I think that the band has really matured sound wise on this album, but Trevor's voice is a little raw on this album. I like Blood in the River and Blunt, just because those songs give you a mojor adrenaline rush. TDYK recieves a 10 out of 10 on my "unofficial econolinecrush meter" because I think that the band has made a major improvement sound wise and Trevor's voice is used as an emotional enhancement, in Deeper, his deep voice gives me an eerie felling that send chills down my spine, and i like it! My fave songs are Haven't gone away and Surefire, just because!!!

TDYK is in my opinion the best EC CD by far. Purge is way to industrial sounding, it doesnt even sound like Trevor, although TDM does kick ass. Affliction is a very good CD, and I still listen to it often. But TDYK is the most energetic and most clean sounding of the three. Surefire, Sparkle and Shine, Home, Burnt are my four fav EC songs, just wish they would perform Burnt live more. The slower songs are also good, except for All That You Are. What is up with that song? But that is the only dud.
Dan Silver

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