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My name is Frédéric D'Astous. I am a sociologist. My academic background includes a diploma in the field of Sociology (Bachelor's degree) and also in Ethics (Master degree). Both diplomas where issued by UQAR (University du Québec à Rimouski). Most of the time, I'm teaching sociology and methodology of research. I have also done a research at Cégep de Granby haute Yamaska. The title of that research was Sondage sur les mesures d'aide et la condition étudiante. (Survey on strategies to help students and how students lived their time in college)

If you want to have more details on my professional activities, you can take a look at my curriclum vitae. Please note that for the moment, there is only a french version.

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This author of this website is also co-editor of the page "methodology" of the sociosite.

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