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This page gives you the opportunity of sending me your questions and comments. Also, you will find on this page the survey for the visitors. The information that is sent to me is important to plan the modifications to this web site. Thank you for you support.

 For your comments and questions

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Survey, part 1
: How do you arrived here
1.1 - What information do you searched for, in coming here ?
1.2 - How do you find the url of this website?
1.3 - Which keywords do you used ?
1.3 - In the past 2 months, how many visits have you done to this website?
1.5 - On a scale rating from 1 to 5 points how much do go give to this website ?
1.6 - What is your global impression about this website ?
Survey, part 2
: Who came here ?
 2.1 - In what kind of organization or enterprise are you working ?
 2.2 - What is your occupation ? :
 2.3 - If your organization or enterprise have a website, can you give me its url  ?
 2.4 - If you have a website, can you give me its url ?

If your done, it's time to send me everything !
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