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What can you find in this web site ?

Within this web site, you will find information related to the creation of surveys and questionnaires. The information is classified into 5 topics. Each topic presents a choice of articles. Each one is about a problem that can be experienced by someone engaged in a procedure of data collection with a survey. When a new article is added, you can find it on it's own page. The older article is then transferred to the most relevant topic regarding its subject. Such updates are done on a monthly basis. You can access the complete choice of articles through the archive.

Please note that before may, 19th, 1999, this website was only available in french. I have created this english version because many visitors asked for it. Despite the fact that english is not my fist language, I have received good comments about the information in this version of my website. Also, some older articles aren't translated yet. You can always request the translation of an older article by writing to me.

Your webmaster : Frédéric D'Astous

The choice of topics

The attitude of the researcher. How to look at a problem ? What is important when you are doing a survey ? How to protect the privacy of those who give you information ?
Data collection. This topic is related to general issues related to the gathering of data. Each method have it's own advantages and inconveniences.
The behavior of populations and groups. What's happening when you are trying to observe people by the mean of a survey ? You might end up with unexpected reactions. So be careful !
You can hardly imagine a survey without some kind of list. A list will give you the identification of who you should be able to reach. Some lists are less than perfect.
A proper sampling is one of the master keys to build a good survey. If your sampling is inadequate regarding the goals of the survey, you're confronted with a major flaw.

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The editor of this website is also coeditor of the methodology page of the "SocioSite".

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