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Welcome to this page about copyrights. The protection of the intellectual property is a constant stake on internet. The creation and the update of this guide rests on the possibility, for its author, to have his work respected and recognized. Only then, a site like this one can grow and give reliable information to the visitors.

Limitations regarding the use of the information of this website

Many hours are invested for writing the information of this guide and its update. Efforts are made to ensure that the information presented herein is as precise as possible. Even if the information contained in this site can be used to help you in many situations, it is not possible to take into account all the particular cases.

As a consequence, no responsibility can be assumed by the author about the use or of the defect to use the information of this guide. The user of this guide is warned that it is of its sole responsibility to take any or all precautions that might be necessary to decided how the information herein can, or cannot, apply to a specific situation.

Intellectual property

The intellectual property of this website is protected by the Bern Copyright Convention, by the Universal Copyright Convention and by various rules of the World Trade Organization.

The information contained in this web site is the exclusive property of its author. It is protected by canadian and international laws and also by various international conventions on copyright. The intellectual property of this website is registered at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The canadian registration is valid in all countries who signed the aforementioned conventions.

Any use, total or partial of the contents of this site, whatever it is a commercial use or any other purposes, is strictly prohibited unless a written authorization of the author. In case of infringement to its copyright, the owner of the copyright reserve its right to use whatever procedure available without other notice than this one.

The author and editor of this website: Frédéric D'Astous


Links related to various aspects of copyright

While surfing on the internet, I found some links related to the question of the copyrights and the legal depot. I have done a list of some interesting places I visited. I will add, from time to time, resources to this list of links related to copyrights. The description of a web site is in the same language of the web site.

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