The Anti-Honda and Anti-Acura Web Site
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The Anti-Honda and Anti-Acura Web Site

Can you separate how much of your image of a car company is the product, and how much is the marketing?
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Table of Contents

About this Site

  • Introduction
  • What's New on this Site(Last Update: June 03,1999)
  • Reader's Responses
  • The Reliability Hype

  • Honda Hype Vs. Reality
  • Why Do Some Honda Owners become Jerks?
  • The Honda "Performance" Myths

  • Honda & Acura engines are more powerful than American V-8s
  • Hondas and Acuras Have "High Tech" engines, while American Cars are "Low Tech"
  • Hondas and Acuras are quicker in a drag race than other cars
  • Hondas have better road handling than other cars
  • What do a Honda CART race car and a Honda Civic have in Common?

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