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Welcome, fellow Star Wars fans.

To read more about why I started this site, check my Introduction page.
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The contents are chronological - the newest items are generally at the bottom.

  • Posters..
    Featuring an awesome one that came with my double LP soundtrack.
    More to be added soon, such as my Coca-Cola posters from Burger Chef and the trilogy special edition posters.
  • Videos
    My quest in finding the trilogies on video in widescreen.
  • The Star Wars Fan Club
    Introspection on joining when I did. Plus more soon.
  • Biggs Darkligher footage
    Mark Hamill speaks out on what you won't see in Star Wars the Special Edition.
    Also, Garrick Hagon, the actor who played Biggs, reflects on the same.
    Much more to be added when I receive Star Wars Insider #35. You can count on it. If you've read the article, you understand what I mean.
  • The Special Editions
    My wife and I only managed to see the first film of the tirlogy in a theater. Read about all the differences, including confusion about the restored Biggs footage.
    More to be added about Empire and Jedi.
  • My list of Star Wars Links

  • My list of Top Ten Australian Influences on Episode II

May the Force be with you.

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