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Star Wars: The Magic and the Mystery was supposed to be on Tuesday February 4th, 1997. But, because of a possibility of scooping the Simpson verdict, Fox opted to waste an hour of my life and to move the show to the night of Thursday February 6th at 8pm ET / 7pm CT. Most unfortunate of all, the broadcast signal was very noisy during the middle twenty minutes of the show.

On a brighter note, by taping the show, I have completed my collection of all five documentaries on the trilogy and am making a page about them.

The Fox Special of the Week site, which advertized the most recent documentary, had three nice JPGs of the Special Edtion Trilogy posters. They are excellent. I thought this would only be good until the next Saturday, the 8th of February. I was wrong! This link lasted well into the Summer of 1997. I have the images and will be adding them to a page dealing with posters.

The Luke and Biggs rebel hangar scene in the Star Wars Special Edition was supposed to contain a reference to Luke's father. Read about how it doesn't. Can anyone explain this to me?

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