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Tammy is a 1997 graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio. She attended the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History.

She plans on beginning Graduate School by enrolling at Ohio State University and seeking a Master's Degree in Comparative Studies through the College of Humanities.

Here are some links useful to History Majors:

  • The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Ohio State University
  • OSU - The College of Humanities
  • Department of History Ohio State University Home Page

    G.R.E. - Graduate Review Examination:

  • GRE Orgranization
  • Kaplan GRE prep


  • Ohio Historical Society
  • The Center Of Science and Industry (COSI) museum in Columbus, Ohio

    Ohio Government:

  • State of Ohio Government
  • Governor George Voinovich's Home Page

    Columbus Ohio sites:

  • The Columbus Home Page
  • Web Site Cafe
  • Columbus, Ohio

    Other Interesting Links:

  • Lifetime Television for Women

  • Martha Stewart
  • Longaberger Baskets of Dresden, Ohio

  • The Discovery Channel
  • The Learning Channel
  • The History Channel
  • National Geographic Magazine

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