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On the 9th of August 1996, I stumbled upon Evan Reynolds' Cut Star Wars scenes page. I was awe struck. Missing footage has been a passion of mine for years. I downloaded Ryan Silva's Compendium of Lost Footage and was hooked.

I became so inspired that I searched my home and came up with some things to add. Several old magazines and cassette tapes yielded many different things. My family never owned a VCR and when I was younger, I used to make audio recordings of various things on TV. The audio files here are made from recording almost twenty years old. Plus for size considerations, I sampled them at 8-bit, 11 MHz.

At first I was going to contact Evan and see if he wanted stuff for his site, but my wife suggested that I put it out on our site. Thanks for the suggestion honey. Great idea! I've tried not to duplicate anything of Ryan or Evan's content ... or anything else on the web, for that matter. This site is intended to add to what everyone else has done.

It is a record of my personal memories and experiences as they relate to the films.

Copyright © 1997, Michael A. & Tammy G. Hendershot