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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Mr. Sedivy's Tour of Rothenburg
A Medieval Walled City

Wall around Rothenburg
Valley below the 50' wall - Most easily defendable side of Rothenburg

The town of Rothenburg, Germany began with the construction of its first castle in 970. In 1142 the imperial castle was erected by King Conrad III. Rothenburg became a "Free Imperial City" under King Rudolf of Habsburg in 1274. A period of glory began in 1400 under Lord Mayor Toppler when the city ruled a territory of more than 250 square miles. In 1802 Rothenburg lost its independence and became part of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Outside north wallNorth Wall
Outside - the rebuilt north wall

The north wall was destroyed in 1945 during WWII because the Nazi's were hiding in Rothenburg. The wall was rebuilt with worldwide donations. One meter cost 30DM, today about $1800.

Fortification WallPlaque
Fortification Wall; Plaque with One Contributor's Name

West wall w/gate and moat
West Wall with Gate and Moat

Face Above Main Gate
Above Main Gate on the Outside

As a last defense, guards would poor hot tar on invaders through the mouth of the face. Note the slits on each side of the face: This is where the chains of the drawbridge were pulled through.

Main Gate
The drawbridge would have fit into gate in the cut out area.

Main Gate from inside
View of Main Gate from the Inside

Eye of the Needle
Eye of the Needle Entry

At night, the town was locked up tight. If you stayed out too late, you had to identify yourself to the guards. If they believed you were who you said you were, they would let you enter the "Eye of the Needle" for a fee. As you crawled through the tiny door, the guards with swords in hand, kept an "eye" on you - If they thought something funny was going on... "Off with your head!"

- A safe town is a happy town!

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Penalties of Shame and Honor -
Medieval Crime and Punishment

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