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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Mr. Sedivy's Tour of Rothenburg
A Medieval Walled City

Our tour continues as we enter the walled city of Rothenburg through the Roder Gate, right to the town square with its many gables, clocks, homes, taverns, and friendly town folk.

Roder Gate
The Roder Gate of Rothenburg

Wide Street in Rothenburg
An Example of a Wide Street in Rothenburg

Wide streets in Medieval cities indicate that very wealthy people lived in the adjoining homes.

Gable ClockTavern Clock
City Councilors Tavern; The Gable of the Ratsherrnrinkstube

The City Councilors Tavern and the Gable of the Ratsherrnrinkstube are located on the town center, with clocks that date back to 1863.

Home with post and windowCrest
Post and Window; Family Crest and Plaque

Notice the post and window at the top of this Rothenburg home. Residents could pull food stores up by pulley to the window when they knew they were going to be under siege. The family crest and a plaque are proudly displayed. The king stayed at this house in 1540 - this of course, was an honor.

Double Doors
Double Estate Doors

Double doors - The big door was for horse and carriage back when families in Rothenburg grew their own gegetables and livestock inside their estates. The small door was for the family to pass through. Five door bells each rang a separate part of the house for example: cook, gardener, guard, family quarters.

Clock Tower
One of the many clock towers.

Here's another of the many clock towers in Rothenburg. I guess that Germans like to know what the time is. For us, it's finally time to relax in this scenic town.

Tavern in Rothenburg
Historic Tavern in Rothenburg

This historic tavern is built on the oldest foundation in Rothenburg, dating back to 300 AD. The inscription on the wall translated: "Drink Here And Go To Hell."

Symbol of the Devil
Craftsman's Symbol of the Devil

Notice the iron craftman's symbol of the devil that hangs outside above the tavern's door. I guess that you claim that you weren't warned! - A safe town is a happy town!

Willi Then & Mr. Sedivy
Willi Then and Mr. Sedivy

Willi Then and Mr. Sedivy relax with other members of the English Conversion Club (EEC). Many thanks to Wolfgang: the fishing instructor, Robert: the town historian, Linda and Herrman, and the rest of the boys. Next time to Rothenburg, we will fish with Wolfgang on Willi's land. Sounds great to me - I can't wait!

Mr. Sedivy's Tour of Rothenburg - Part I

Penalties of Shame and Honor -
Medieval Crime and Punishment

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