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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Penalties of Shame and Honor
The Devices of Medieval Torture

Following are some of the shame and torture devices represented at the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum in Rothenburg, Germany. Check out the devices with a descripton of the crime and for whom they were meant to punish. Students, be sure to note the "Donkey of Shame."

Torture Devices   1. Wooden Ruff. For women who violated clothing regulations.

2. Mask of Shame. For women. The long tongue and big ears symbolize gossip and nosiness.

3. Rosary. Church punishment for people who did not go to church, or fell asleep during the service.

4. Mask of Shame (with long snout).

5. Drunk Barrel. For bibbers.

6. Mask of Shame. For men who acted like a swine.

7. Chastity belt. Used to guarantee faithfulness of the wife.

8. Double-neck-violin. For two quarrelsome women.

Torture Devices  

13. Stock. For men on pain of being exposed publicly.

14. Iron Maiden. A mantle of infamy for women and girls, 16th century.

15. Mask of Shame. For men.

16. Donkey of Shame. For lazy pupils.

17. Spiked-chair. An instrument of torture from the witch trial era.

18. Neck-violin. Degrading punishment for women and girls.

19. Shame-flute. For bad musicians.

Penalties of Shame & Honor III -
The Crimes and Their Penalties

Penalties of Shame & Honor I

Mr. Sedivy's Tour of Rothenburg


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