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__Konichiwa, Goddess Fans. You have found my web page all about Oh My Goddess! you would not believe how hard I have worked on this page to get it to where is is now. I want this page to be the best out there so help me do that, when you see an error or you have a suggestion please E-mail me.

__Oh My Goddess! (OMG) is a masterpeice. It consists of 5 OAVs.The Oavs were based on the Manga by Kosuke Fujishima. The Manga is curently released in America by Dark Horse Comics.When Oh My Goddess! was translated, they changed the Ah in the Japanese version to Oh as a pun on Oh My God.

__Oh My Goddess! or Ah! Megami-sama (Ah My Goddess!) as it is called in Japan, is a romaitic comedy about a young college student named Keiichi, who buy maricals of all maricals begings to lives with a goddess named Belldandy.Over the ourse of events her sisters Urd and Skuld also come to visit belldandy and end up Staying with them.

According to Animerica VOL. 6 NO.4 has become weekly series in Japan titled Ah! Megami-sama: Chichai'tte Koto wa Benri da ne (Oh My Goddess!: Isn't it convient that Theyr'e all Tiny). It will feature all of the goddess in their SD (Super Deformed) forms. It will air Mondays @ 7:00 pm on Wowow satellite channel.


You are listining to My heart iidasenai,your heart tashikematai Opening music to the O.A.V.).


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