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__Konichiwa, Evangelion Fans. You have found my web page all about NEON GENESIS EVANGELION! you would not believe how hard I have worked on this page to get it to where is is now. I want this page to be the best out there so help me do that, when you see an error or you have a suggestion please E-mail me.

__Evangelion is a great show. It consists of 13 episodes and there are even 2 movies, and i think there are also 2 games for it. The character designer for Evangelion Yoshiyuki Sadamoto has created a manga series based on EVA which is being released by Viz Comics. it follows the same story line but there are alot of differences between the manga and anime.

__ Neon Genesis Evangelion or Shin Evangelion (New Centuary Evangelion) as it is called in Japan, is about a young boy names Shinji who is forced to pilot a giant biomecanical machine called an Evangelion, to battle beings called Angels. From there more piolets come and go in Shinji's lifesuch as rei and asuka. However underneath the whole over all story of Eva is noe a boy and a robot but how messed up Shinji's life is and how he deals with his father who abandoned him as a child only to call him back to piolit the Eva and much more. Neon Genisis Evangleion is tryly a masterpeice and stands out above many other titles.

You are listining to Cruel Angel's Thesis (Opening music to the t.v. series).


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