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Shinji has just arrived in Tokyo3. After realizing that everything was out of commission (phones, transit services, ect.) The 3rd Angel appears. In the nick of time Misato drives in and picks up Shinji. When Shinji and Misato get to NERV HQ (an underground geofront), it is explained that his father only called him there to pilot Unit-01. When Shinji refuses, his father Gendo calls for Rei an other pilot. Shinji thinks to himself "I wasn't needed after all." An badly injured Rei is wheeled in to take over for Shinij, after seeing the poor young girl, Shinji changes his mind and decides to pilot the eva. Unit-01 is transported to the surface. The episode end here with Unit-01 and the 3rd angel ready for hand to hand combat. Shinji's synthesization rate is over 40%his first time in an Eva.


Episode:2 THE BEAST

Since this is Shinji's first time in the EVA, he wasn't able to control it. Shinji wakes up in a hospital unable to remember how the angel was defeated. The angel was been defeated, but we don't know how. Later Misato asks Shinji to stay at her place because she feels sorry that Shinji would rather live alone than with his father. Later that night, Shinji begins to remember how the angel was defeated. Shinij was just beginning to learn how to walk when he tripped. The angel takes this time to attack the Eva. Minutes later Shinji looses Synchronization with the Eva and it goes out of control (berserk). After regenerating it's self, the Eva begins to kick angel butt. Just as the Eva was about to kill the Angel, it wraps itself around Unit-01 and self distrusts


Episode:3 A Transfer

Shinji is undergoing more training at NERV while attending school. At School there are rumors that Shinji is the robot pilot. During an lecture on the 3rd impact, Shinji gets a message on his computer asking if he is the pilot. He thinks it ove and replays Yes, Immediately everyone in the class surrounds him asking him question. Touji is the only on that doesn't because his Sister was injured during the battle between unit-01 and the 3rd Angel. After class Touji beats up Shinji, because of his sister's injuries. Rei then approaches Shini and tells him that there is an an emergency and to report to H.Q. Every one is evacuated to their shelters as the 4th Angel appears. Kensuke and Touji sneaks out to see Shinji battle the Angel. As an result Shinji had to let them into Unit-01's cockpit to save them. Touji then realized what Shinji had ot go through.


Episode:4 Hedgehog's Dilemma

Shinji Runs away from "home." Kensuke and Touji remark that Shinji has not been in school for 3 days. They decide to Visit Shinji, but find that he is not there. Touji remarks that Misato was a real babe. After wondering for 2 days He finds him self in a field and is confronted by Kensuke plating war games. Later in the morning NERV Security comes and takes Shinji to H.Q. Shinji is then dismissed from NERV and to leave Tokyo3. Touji and Kensuke meet Shinji at the depot to say good-by. Touji then asks Shinji to hit him so that they will be even. Misato arrives just as Shinji's train takes off. She looks upand see Shinji, who didn't board the train. Shinji then responses that "I'm home.


Episode:5 Rei I

We flashback to before Shinji came to NERV. Rei is ready to test Unit-00. During the testing the eva goes out of control. Ritsuko blames it on mental insatiability in Rei. After the entry plug was ejected Commander Ikari (Gendo) rushes out to save Rei. During the process Gendo burned his hands on the super heated entry plug and broke his glasses. Rei treasures those glasses. Ritisuko asks Shinji to deliver Rei's new security card for her and Shinji agrees. Shinji enters Rei's apt. aftyer there is no response. He see the glasses on Rei's dresser and try them on. Rei enters (she is almost nude except for the towel on her shouldeds) and takes the glasses off of Shinji. An astonished Shinji loses his balance and falles on Rei. After an arkward moment Reio get up and begins to dress in front of Shinji who has turned his back to give her some privacy. later on their way to HQ. Shinji apoligizes and asks Rei if she is scared to pilot unit-00 aganin. She respondes say that she truses Gendo's work. Shinji states that he doesn't and as a result She slaps him. Soon after Rei completes a sucessful syncitization test with unit-00 as the 5th angel appears.Unit-01 is sent to intercept.


Episode:6 Rei II

The 5th Angel, using a high energy beam attacks EVA-01 as soon as it surfaced from the base and boils the LCL inside the plug. Shinji is seriously injured and was immediately retrieved for emergency treatment. The Angel moved directly above NERV and proceeded to drill into the ground towards the NERV HQ.. The angel will reach the base in approximately 10 hours. A large AT Field surrounds the Angel preventing an attack and an eva would not survive an close range attack on the Angel. Misato then plans to use the Automatic Positron Cannon to penetrate the AT Field. This cannon would also require the use of all the electrical power of Japan. Gendou approved the plan and Shinji was responsible for firing the beam while Rei protected him with EVA-00 using a shield that will stand the Angel's blast for 17 seconds. Shinji asked Rei why she piloted Eva. She told him that it waqs her bond to all people. Shinji missed the first shot due to the Angel firing its own beam in response . EVA-00 blocked the blast from the Angel while unit-01 recharged the cannon. Shinji neutralized the enemy just before the shield completely melted.


Episode:7 A HUMAN WORK

Ritsuko explains the real reason behind the second impact the 1st angel was discovered in Antarica and exploded. The UN claimed that a meteorite hit Antarctica and melted the ice caps. Ritsuko and Misato attended an experiment developed by a Nippon Heavy Industry Association. The product is a giant JA unit (Jet Alone) powered by a nuclear reactor. During the experiment, the reactor went out of control, facing a meltdown. Misato suggested that she enter the JA and erase the programming, thus stoping the meltdown. Shinji and Unit-01 arrived to hold the JA still while Misato got inside. She manages to stop the reactor at the last minute. Shinji said it was a miracle, Misato felt that the miracle was pre-arranged inorder to seve NERV from becoming obslete.



Misato, Shinji, Kenske, and Touji randaveaux with a fleet of battleships. Touji is excited that he is on a "date" with Misato. Touji says that he then bought the cap he was wearing just for her. After they land on an aricraft carriar they meet Asuka pilot of unit-02. Touji's cap was blown away and Asuka steped on it. While Touji was trying to free his cap from Asuka's foot, a gust of wind blows Asuka's dress up. She then slapps him,a viewing fee she calls it. She calles it bargin, while Touji say it was over priced and drops his pants, her change he calls it. Misato is requainted with her ex-lover Kaji. After Askuka finds out that Shinji's 1st Syntization rate was 40% she show him Unit-02. During the "tour" an Angel strikes and Shinji and Asuka activate Unit-02. Misato planned to have 2 sinked battle ships enter the Angel's mouth while Unit-02 held it's mouth open.


Episode:9 Both of You, Dance Like You Want To Win!

A new Angel appears off the cost of Japan. Shinji and Asuka are Sent to intercept. The angel is cut in halfand then forms 2 seperate angels. After the Evas defeat the U.N. launches and N^2 mine ther by stopping the Angel for 6 days. Shinji and Asuka begin to live together in Misato's APT so that they will have a p[erfect syntization . Music was used to helped obtain it. Asuka and Shinji had trouble training so Misato suggested that Rei try it. Rei was able to syntize with Shinji much better than Asuka. Asuka then decided that she would have to try better to get the job. Later Asuka is sleep walking and find her self sleeping next to Shinji. Shinji then try tio kiss her but stops when she calls for he rmother in her sleep. Shinji tghen moves across the room and says "your'e just a kid yourself." 6 days later Shinji and Asuka were able to defeat the Angel.



Asuka was looking forward to the class trip to go diving but when Misato told her that she was in perminate stand by she told Shinji to speak to Misato. Shinji said that he antapicated it and said no more. Asuka was bumed becasue she couldn't use her new bathing suit. Shinji is catching up on his studies while Asuka helps him. Shinji then turns his atention to Rei who is just drying off as she came out of the pool. Later an Angel in the Embyo stage is found in an volcanio. Asuka was chosen to retreive it. Unit-02 had to wear the d-type equiptyment to with stand the pressure and heat. During the operation the Angel hatched. After Asuka killed the angel the cables that were holding up Unit-02 snapped and she began to fall. Unit-01 then jumped in after her. I guess that unit-01 is the best eva because it didn't need the d-type equiptment.


Episode:11 The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still

It was an unfortunate day for Tokyo-3. All the power sources including the auxiliary power was unavailable. The staff of NERV began to realize how dependent they were on electricity and more importantly technology. "Technology is omnipotent. There is nothing that it cannot accomplish" as one member of NERV mentioned in the beginning. Life has become so dependent on technology that people began to kid themselves that it is omnipotent only to realize a little later that it has such a fragile dependency on electricity. An Angel has also picked the perfect time to attack. Through the cooperation of people, the three EVA units were manually launched and prevailed the attacking Angel.


Episode:12 She said, "Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred."

We learn a little bit more about Misato's past as the opening scene flashed back to 15 years ago when the Second Impact occurred. Her father saved her life by putting her in a capsule. Her father also happened to be a research scientist. Like the way Shinji felt about his father, Misato also hated her father for neglecting her and her mother. However, on the "present" side, Misato received her promotion and a small party was organized for her. This time, an orbital satellite-like Angel spoils the party. It attacks the target by dropping down from orbit. Its momentum can generate massive energy that can destroy Tokyo-3 in a single attack. Misato calls for an attack on the Angel, against the MAGI's advice to retreat.



An Angel in the form of many nano-bots (micro-machine) invades (infects) the facility. It spreads its infection with amazing speeds. It also evolves very rapidly to adapt to any environment with an ultimate evolutionary goal of self-destruct. The Angel quickly infects the facility and took over the Melchior and Balthasar components of the MAGI system with an attempt to destroy the entire system by activating MAGI's self-destruct. But all three components must concur to activate the self-destruct. The Casper component has yet to be infected. Ritsuko finally altered the processing speed into 15 second intervals to slow the infection, thus buying two hours of time to plan a counter measure. Ritsuko believed that if she could speed up the Angel's evolution, it may realize its fate and co-exist with the MAGI system. The algorithm was written and inserted just in time. Ritsuko's gamble succeeded. Ritsuko then reveals that the MAGI system is the first computer system to incorporate human personality within it. Human decision is based on internal conflict between one's own personalities. Ritsuko's mother's mind is actually part of the three personalities of MAGI: Melchior, Balthasar and Casper. They are the "mother", the "scientist" and the "woman." Ritsuko never understood the "mother", but respected the "scientist". However, she hated the "woman." Casper is the "woman." Her mother has always been a woman.



The board of the Human Complementation Project reviews all the Angel attacks and was not completely satisfied with NERV's performance. Gendou denied that an Angel penetrated into the NERV facility. The board was not convinced with his story. Nonetheless Gendou felt confident that he has the upper hand. An experimentation of cross piloting EVAs was performed between Rei and Shinji's EVAs. While Rei was inside Shinji's EVA, she did not feel completely herself. She felt like there was someone else there. When Shinji was inside EVA-00, like before, it tried to take control of the pilot. No one knows what EVA-00 was after. Risuko was certain that it was trying to kill her.


Episode:15 Those women longed for the touch of other's lips, and thus invited their kisses

Shinji felt extremely anxious about meeting his father to visit his mother's grave. He never knew his father, so he asked Rei about him. Misato, Ritsuko and Kaji attended a wedding banquet together. The three of them had not been together for a long time. Ritsuko later left the two of them along. She told Kaji that she liked him because he was like her father. Yet at the same time she hated her father. She joined NERV because she wanted to escape from that feeling. The next day, Misato confronted Kaji about his role as a special agent for the Japanese government. Kaji shows her ADAM, the experiment which has been kept hidden from her.


Episode:16 Splitting of the Breast

In another synchronization test, Shinji's synchronization was well ahead of Asuka and Rei. After Misato's praises, Shinji became very proud of himself. Perhaps too proud. A new type of Angel appeared in the city. It's shaped like a balloon that floats in the sky. But its material body is really in the shadow of which 1/30th of an meter thick. The "shadow" engulfs objects and holds them inside another dimension within itself. The dimension is known as the Sea of Dirac. The Angel inverts its AT Field to maintain that dimension. The three EVAs were launched to intercept it. Because of his pride, Shinji went ahead of the group and fell into the Angel's trap by stepping into the "shadow." He was confined within the Sea of Dirac. The EVA's life support system could only sustain 16 hours. The next day, before the rescue attempt took place, EVA-01 miraculously had enough power to break through the Angel's AT Field and get out by destroying its body. When the oxygen levels began to run low began to go through a trance. A voice (his own voice) calls out to him. That voice is Shinji, his alter ego. His own voice reminds him not to escape from reality. Many people do not want to confront their inner conflicts. They ignore the negative side of things by deceiving themselves that everything is of bliss. In Shinji's case, he has mixed feelings about his father, but he only wanted to remember his father praising him.



An explosion occurred in Nevada and destroyed everything within 89km except for the EVA-04 unit. The unit subsequently disappeared. The US delegated the responsibility of EVA-03 to Japan and Ritsuko chose a fourth pilot. A dummy plug was developed to pilot an EVA unmanned. Although Ritsuko was able to replicate most of the pilot's personal attributes within the plug there were still many problems. Gendou did not care as long as it is capable of piloting EVA. Kensuke informed Shinji of the accident and the existence of a fourth pilot. No one knows who the fourth pilot was and Kensuke wanted to be that fourth pilot.



EVA-03 arrived in Japan and the synchro test for the fourth pilot was immediately conducted. The 13th Angel was subsequently found to have overtaken the unit during the synchro test. The Angel destroyed the test site. The other three units were sent to intercept EVA-03. After both EVA-00 and EVA-02 have been immobilized, Shinji could not attack the Angel since he did not want to injure the pilot. Gendou ordered the dummy plug to take over the control of EVA-01. EVA-003 was completely destroyed. Shinji later discovered that the fourth pilot was Touji, and that he survived.



Shinji is extremely angry with his father for letting the dummy plug take over, nearly killing Touji. Once again, he resigns as pilot of EVA-01. At the same time, a powerful Angel penetrated NERV's underground base. Gendou wanted Rei to pilot EVA-01, but the unit refused to synch with her. EVA-01 rejected the dummy plug as well. Left with little options, both EVA-02 and EVA-00 were launched against the attacking Angel. Both units were severely damaged and immobilized. Shinji could not bare to watch the destruction as a bystander only and decided to pilot EVA-01 again. Shinji intercepted the Angel just in time, but unfortunately, he ran out of power before the battle was over. At the most critical moment, EVA-01 "awakens" and quickly defeated the Angel. Ritsuko explained that EVA is capable of controlling itself, but restrainers (what appeared to be the armor of EVA) were implemented in order to exercise control over the unit. EVA finally broke free of the restraint. It was also able established to synchronize with Shinji at 400%. EVA is no longer under the control of its creators.


Episode:20 WEAVING A STORY 2: oral stage

At 400% synchro, Shinji's material body have disappeared and his soul has become part of EVA-01. Everything that is part of his material body is still inside the plug. Once his psyche is stabilized, his body can be reconstructed. The team outside can only do so much to help him. Ultimately, he must want to come back. He had always wanted to escape from the cruel reality. He finally overcame his conflict and re-materialized.


Episode:21 He was aware that he was still a child

Probably one of the most revealing episodes after leaving behind so many mysteries from the previous episodes as we travel back to 1999. Fuyutsuki Kouzou was a professor at the time. A colleague introduced him to Ikari Yui because of her research project on life science. At the same time he also met who was Gendou and also found out that he is dating Ikari Yui. It was believed that Gendou was interested in the organization that Ikari Yui belonged to called SEELE. The two of them did get married and had a child called Shinji. After the Second Impact, the UN simply covered up the incident as a meteorite impact with no mention of SEELE or Gendou. Fuyutsuki believed that SEELE had tremendous influence on the media. When he confronted Gendou about this, Gendou revealed the existence of GEHIRUN (which later evolved into NERV), an organization behind the Human Complementation Project. Gendou also invited Fuyutsuki to join the team. Project EVA was also revealed. EVA was a human replication of ADAM, the giant creature behind the Second Impact. Later, we also find out that Ikari Yui dies of an accident during an experiment. What the experiment was is not revealed. Subsequently Rei appeared. She has tremendous resemblance to Ikari Yui. We still do not know where and how she came about.


Episode:22 Don't be

We find out that Asuka's mother broke down emotionally and committed suicide. From then, she had immersed herself in her own pride in order to forget the past. That is also why she does not like anyone's sympathy. The past is coming back to her and her synchronization ratio is falling. The 15th Angel appeared, and Asuka volunteered herself to attack. However, this Angel is capable of delivering an emotional attack from orbit, staying out of range of most weapons. Asuka came to the verge of an emotional break down when the Angel tried to reach inside her emotions, something that Asuka was desperately trying to hide and protect. Gendou then decided that the only way to destroy the target is by using the Spear of Longinus, embedded in ADAM. Rei proceeded with the plan and succeeded.


Episode:23 Rei III

The 16th Angel appeared in the form of light. EVA-00 was sent to intercept it while EVA-02 stands by. EVA-01 remained in hibernation. The Angel attacks EVA-00 by piercing its armor and trying to take control of it and its pilot. EVA-02 was immediately launched to assist, but due to her recent emotional breakdown, Asuka's synchronization was below 10% and therefore unable to control EVA. She had given up everything she was once proud of. EVA-01 had to be released instead. Just before the Angel was able to successfully attack Shinji, Rei reversed her AT Field to hold the Angel at bay which subsequently lead to the destruction of both the Angel and Unit-00. For a moment, she realized that she did that because she cared about Shinji. Later Shinji asked her about it, but she did not remember. "Perhaps that was another part of me" she says. This episode concludes with revealing one of the biggest mysteries about Rei. She is actually a product of genetic research. Ritsuko revealed the laboratory that created her. It was also the same laboratory where the EVA prototypes were built. Man had wanted to re-create God through technology and came up with ADAM. Based on ADAM, God-like entities were created (EVA). EVA is just a shell which requires a soul. There are many clones of Rei, but the real Rei is the Rei with a soul.


Episode:24 The Beginning and the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

SEELE sends over the 5th pilot, Kaworu Nagisa. His origin is similar to Rei. He quickly befriends Shinji. He even felt attracted to Shinji because of Shinji's weakness. Shinji had always shied away from what may potentially injure his emotional self. As it turns out, he is the 17th Angel, capable of controlling EVA at will. He took EVA-02 and headed for ADAM. Shinji was sent to stop him. Absolute Terror Field is a scared area where nothing can harm you. It is energy created from the heart and soul. Everyone has his or her AT Field. Kaworu finally reached ADAM. At the last minute, he realized that maybe it is wrong to return to the originator and destroy mankind. He realized that even though his life was bound by destiny to end, he had the freedom to choose how he wants to end it. End it by taking all man, or just himself. He chose the latter.


Episode:25 Do you love me?

Shinji became extremely confused after the last Angel was destroyed. Misato and Asuka voiced out their inner feelings. They both accepted that the fate of the world lies in Shinji's mind.


FINALE: Take care of yourself

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Is mankind heading down a path with no hope? Are we bound for death and destruction?


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