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The Evangelions



PILOT: Ayanami Rei

COLOR: Orange with white trims, repainted blue with white trims

MODEL: Prototype


NOTES: Unit-00 was the 1st Unit built. It started of orange early in the series but in later it was damaged and up graded. During the upgrade it was repainted blue and the progressive knife housings were added. During Rei's 1st synchronization attempt it went out of control and severely injured Rei, Gendo ended up saving her. Its rumored that Naoko Akagi (Ritisuko's mother) soul inhabits Unit-00.



PILOT: Ikari Shinji

COLOR: Purple with green trims

MODEL: Test type

FEATURES: 2 eyes and 1 horn on the top of it's head

NOTES: Unit-01 was the 2nd Unit built. It has the best battle record but is also the most unstable. It goes out of control several times and is known to reactivate with out any power. During a battle with the 14th Angel, it goes out of control and kills the Angel, but does not stop there, it continues to tear apart the angel and eats its S2 engine (organ). With the S2 engine Unit-01 does not need an external power sourse. When Yui's synchronization rate reached 400% her maternal body dissolved and her soul became part of Unit-01. the same thing happened to Shinji, but he was able to come back when the Eva spit him up.Yui's Soul still inhabits the Eva.



PILOT: Asuka Langley Soryu

COLOR: Red with orange trims

MODEL: Production model

FEATURES: 2 eyes and 2 mouths

NOTES: Unit-02 in Asuka's words is the 1st true Eva. It was built in Germany but shipped to Japan in episode 8. Unit-02 is the most stable but it has the poorest battle record. It is rumored that Asuka's mother's soul (Kyoko) still inhabits the Eva.




PILOT: Suzuhara Toji

COLOR: Black with white trims

MODEL: Production model

FEATURES: 2 eyes and a pair of stretching arms

NOTES: Unit-03 was built at NEVE's branch in Nevada, USA. It was built along side with Unit-04 but was the only thing left after the NERV Branch exploded. It was then shipped to Japan were during the shipping it was infected by the 13 Angel. Unit-01 destroyed the Unit while using the Dummy plug, Touji was seriously injured. As a result the Eva was completely destroyed.




PILOT: Unknown

COLOR: White or silver with black trims

MODEL: Production model

FEATURES: 2 eyes and a pair of stretching arms

NOTES: Unit-04 was built along side Unit-03 and looked exactly like Unit-03 except it was white. It mysteriously disappeared while NERV was trying to install an S2 Engine (Organ). The whole NERV Branch in America blew up and only Unit-03 was left. it was believed to be swallowed up by the Sea of Dirac. It never appeared in the series but GAINAX did recreate it for fans who were curious




PILOT: Dummy plug of Kaworu Nagisa

COLOR: White with black trims

MODEL: Mass Production Model

FEATURES: No eyes, a huge mouth, and can fly

NOTES: Unit-05 and the other units through 13 are all the same and were created by China and Russia. They were sent by Steel to destroy NERV, in the Movie End of Evangelion. They were easily by Unit-02.


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