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__Hello Ronin Warriors Fans. It Japan is it called Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. The Ronins is a great Anime show. It was a T.V. series, and OAV series, and I believe that there is even Manga features of the armored cladded heroes. Ronins Warriors is sometimes referred to the Sailor Moon for guys, which is kinda true seeing all the similarities.

__The T.V. series was the beginning of the Ronin adventures,it covered from when they meet in Tokyo to the last battle with Talpa. There have been three OAVs. They Covered separate stories each after the TV series. And the Manga is a separate story all together. The Manga is called Shin Samurai Trooper which would be New Ronin Warriors for us. It features a new group of the Ronins and the armor has been redesigned

__ The Ronin Warriors is about a group of 5 young men, each possessing a magical suit of samurai armor. They end up meeting in Tokyo, having to save the world from the evil Talpa and his 4 warlords.

you are listening to The Power is in the Armor from the T.V. series opening theme.


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