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The Angels

Most of the angels have EL at the end of their name, el means "OF GOD".


1st Angel: Adam - The 1st Human.

Notes: Adam is the one who melted down whole Antarctica after Katsuragi Expedition failed to shrank him into embryo. We only know that NERV uses the remains of Adam to clone a same size humanoid robot called Evangelion. From the photographs took in Antarctica, we can know that the design of Evangelion Series is same as Adam which also contain red cores, wings and shoulder blades. Adam also has the ability generates destructive heat energy. Therefore, we can know that the heat energy which Adam used in order to melt down whole Antarctica is equal to the exploration of many nuclear bombs at the same time. Adam has disappear after the Second Impact. The recreated embryo state of Adam is being held with the Durbakelite in a container by scientists.

2nd Angel: Lillith - Mother (source) of All Life

Notes: According to Jewish folklore lillith was Adam's 1st wife. She disobeyed Adam and left Eden. Lillith has been locked in the Terminal Dogma long time ago by SEELE. Her face has seven eyes and two inverted triangles and no legs at all. The seven eyes and inverted triangle on her face is the logo of SEELE. NERV has nailed her on the cross and use the Spear of Longinus to stab her left chest in order to get her blood and prevent the regrowth of her legs. NERV uses her blood to make L.C.L which is use to supply more oxygen and increasing synchronization rate of Evangelion pilot in entry plug. When she is locked in Terminal Dogma is unknown by us. Everyone though that Lillith is the Adam who is the cause of the 2nd Impact. They also believe that when Angels comes to challenge human and contacts with her, the Humanity will be vanished from this world forever.

3rd Angel: Sachiel - Angel of Water

Notes: After 15 years, the first Angel which comes to challenge Humanity has arrived. Sachiel is about the same size as Evangelions but his hands and legs are very thin. Inside both of his hands, there are a laser spear and two gills near his wrists. When needed, he can increase his arm size to increase his strength. In Episode 1, we find that after Sachiel is attacked by N^2 Mine, he immediately stopped his attack to regenerate and to evolve himself in order to produce a new ability. After 6 hours, a new head grows which has the ability of generating laser beam. Same as the other Angels, his main weakness is the red core on his body. Since both his hand are thin and fragile, so his hands become one of his weakness. Sachiel ultimate weapons is occurred self destructive he only used this when Unit-01 went berserk trying to kill him. Unit-01 survived with only surface injuries on it's armor.

4th Angel: Shamshel - Angel of Day

Notes: Shamshel is the second Angel comes to challenge Humanity only 2 weeks after the 3rd Angel. Unlike Sachiel, Shamshel can float in the sky. Shamshel only has a pair of pink color laser whips and is shaped like a cross between a squid and a bug. Both of his laser whips can use as blade to cut off anything. Same as the other Angels, Shamshel's main weakness is the red core on his body. After the battle with Shinji, Shamshel's red core has break and become a sample use to develop the Mass Production Model EVA.


5th Angel: Ramiel - Angel of Thunder

Notes: Ramiel is the third Angel comes to challenge Humanity. Ramiel floats in the sky. Ramiel is very huge and shape like two pyramids with base stick together. Ramiel describe as a flying fortress by Misato because his strong A.T. Field can prevent any attack from his enemy and his powerful particles accelerator cannon. His A.T. Field is very visible, active and strong enough to prevent the attack from Evangelions. His Particles accelerator cannon can melt down the SSTO Shield within 17 seconds making hand to hand combat to dangerous. Ramiel was destroyed by the 180 GigaWatts Special Positron Rifle fired byUnit-01 while Unit-02 held off the angels fire with the SSTO Shield.

6th Angel: Gaghiel - Angel of Fish

Notes: Gaghiel is the 8th angel and one that looks like a fish. He can swim very fast because his body is very much like a fish. He doesn't have any special ability and his only weapon is his large and sharp teeth. Gaghiel is special because his red core is hidden in his mouth. Asuka and Shinji achieved a new synchronization rate in order to hold his mouth open so that 2 battle ships could destroy the core.


7th Angel: Israfel - Angel of Music

Notes: Israfel is the seventh angel who comes to challenge humanity. He is powerful because he can separate himself into two separate angels. One is a gold color and the other is a silver color. The only difference between Israfel and the others is having two cores on his body. The first core on his body is same as the others. His second core has many kinds of function like looking, generating new body and producing destructive laser beam. His second core looks like "Taichi" which is the sign used to show "Positive" and "Negative" of the Universal by Tao in China. Maybe this has shown that one of Israfel's body is Positive and the other is Negative. He was defeated buy a perfect synthesization between Units- 01 and 02.

8th Angel: Sandalphon - Angel of Embryos

Notes: Sandalphon is the 8th angel and he is the first and the only angel founded by NERV before it matures. Basically, the structure of Sandalphon in embryo state. Sandalphon is the only angel that can live in the hot deep lava, his special structure able him to swim fast and can open his mouth in hot lava, so normal weapon like Progressive Knife can't destroy him. Although Sandalphon's special structure and his living environment made him hard to destroy, Asuka used the Thermal Expansion Theory to destroy him. With the help of Shinji's Progressive Knife and the refrigerator liquid of D-Type Equipment, Asuka can made Sandalphon's body contact immediately and allow the Progressive knife to do it's job.

9th Angel: Matarael - Angel of Rain

Notes: Matarael is the 9th Angel that comes to challenge Humanity. Basically, the shape of Matarael looks like a 4 legged spider. Eyes can be found everywhere on his body but only one of his eyes which is located in the bottom of his body can secrete high concentration acid. High concentration acid and the claws of his legs are his only weapons, besides these, no other weapons can be found in his body. Matarael's weak point is his main eye which is also known as the red core.

10th Angel: Sahaquiel - Angel of Sky

Notes: Sahaquiel is the 10th Angel that challenges Humanity. He is the largest angel and he seems very smart. he knows how to use the gravitational force of Earth to throw it's bombs. He has eyes same as those on Matarael's body and two arms used to do the throwing job. Sahaquiel was first found two satellites above the India Ocean. The two satellites were destroyed by Sahaquiel with his new usage of the A.T. Field. Sahaquiel has done a lot of dropping experiments to improve the accuracy of his dropping job on his way to Japan. While descending to Tokyo-3, we found that the maximum strength of EVA-01's A.T.Field is not enough to neutralize Sahaquiel's strong A.T.Field. Fortunately, EVA-00 and EVA-02 arrived and extended their A.T.Fields to maximum to stop him. Same as Matarael, his weak point is that big eye.

11th Angel: Iruel - Angel of Fear

Notes: Ireul is the 11th Angel that come to challenge NERV's HQ. He has been staying inside the protein wall of NERV for a long time before the other Angels come. Ireul doesn't look like other Angels because he is as small as a virus and that he is like a virus. It appears that Ireul has been waiting for a long time to find the best opportunity to challenge NERV's Magi Computer System. How Ireul evolved himself into a bio circuit and he he calculates, crack and hack is not known. Only a synchronize password can stop him temporarily. NERV agrees with Ritsuko that the final stage of evolution is death and decides to speed up the evolution speed of Ireul so that he will choose to stay with Magi. Ireul was later wiped out by a program introduced by Ritsuko.

12th Angel: Leliel - Angel of Night

Notes: Leliel is the 12th Angel that comes to challenge Humanity. Leliel is a large sphere and moves very slowly. The shadow of Leliel is known as the Sea of Dirac and it is about 680 meters in diameter and about 3 nanometers thick. Inside the shadow is a super thin space sustained by an inverted A.T.Field. Actually, the sphere object is the image of Leliel and the true body is the black shadow under the sphere.A berserk EVA-01 disturbs his imaginary circuit and makes the sphere object become a solid body that tears him apart.

13th Angel: Bardiel -

Notes: Bardiel is actually EVA-03 Production Model, which was manufactured in USA. It was invaded by Bardiel during delivering to Japan. The invaded EVA-03 is fully taken over by 13th Angel during the activation experiment occurred in the 2nd underground laboratory of Matsushiro. We find out that there are some sticky things like gum behind EVA-03. We are sure that this is a part of Angel and it is also the that it controls EVA-03. Bardiel can use his ability to change the design of EVA-03's arms and make them become his main weapon.We also find out that Bardiel wants to invade EVA-00. The left hand of Rei and EVA-00 was in the process of being invaded. Perhaps Bardiel wants to contact Rei.

14th Angel: Zeruel - Angel of Might

Notes: There is currentally no information on Zeruel

15th Angel: Arael- Angel of Birds

Notes: Arael is the 15th Angel that comes to challenge humanity. Arael looks like a bird and his body has bright light like Adam's. But Arael don't seem to have any intention in attacking NERV. Arael doesn't have any other special weapons that can attack NERV but he has an ability which is a telepathy attack.Arael can generate a visible light which can do the telepathy attack. Since it stays in high space the EVAs can't approached him, so Spear of Longinus was taken out from Lilith's body to kill him.

16th Angel: Armisael - Angel ofthe Womb

Notes: There is currentally no information on Armisael

17th Angel: Tabris - The Last Messanger

Notes: Nagisa Kowaru (Tabris) is the last messenger from God. He is the only angel who looks like human. His great and destructive power does not lose to any other Angels dispite his size. His strong AT Field can prevent any attack from EVAs. His destiny is to annihilate human and lives forever with the EVA-02 which is under his control. But at last, he fells compassion for Human and willing to die in Shinji's hand.


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