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Weapons and other related things

Progressive Knife - Often called the PK knife or Prog knife, it is the basic weapon for the Evas. It is stored in the shoulder blades of the Evas. It uses a principal that allows it to cut though solid matter on the molecular level. There are 2 types of the Progressive Knife; the Pk knife and Pk2 knife.

Palette Gun - Is a fully automatic rifle much like a machine gun. It is the basic gun used by the Evas, and is kept in the arament builings.

Positron Rifle - There are 3 types of the Positron Rifle. They all fire a internse beam of engery that resembles an laser.

Lance or Spear - It is very much like the Progresive Knife, in that it incorporates the same principal. It was used by Unit-02 to split the 7th angel in half.

AX - It too is like the Progresive Knife in that it incorporats the same principal. It is however more powerfull than the Prog Knife and the Lance.

Hand Gun - The hand gun is very much like a standard issue .45 handgun, except that it is larger. It was only used brefily by Unit-01

Lance of Longinus - It was used to prevent the growth of Lilith and to kill the 15th angel. It was launched into space buy Unit-00, to kill the 15th Angel . It still remains in orbit around the Moon.

Sheild - The sheild the underbelly of the spaceshuttle. It was chosen because of its hight restiance to heat. It could with stand the 7th andel's blast for a short time allowing Unit-00 to cover Unit-01 while Unit-01 fired the JSSDF FX-1 Prototype.

Absolute Terror Field - The Absolute Terror Field or A.T.Field, is a physical barrier which can avoid or reduce any violence attack including a nuclear bomb. In episode #24, Nagisa Kaworu says that only soulless beings can set their synchronization rate to synchronize with EVA and that humans are separate by the fact that A.T.Fields which present in their heart. Different sources of A.T.Field will be neutralized when they act against each other. When the field is able to disturb Light waves and Particles Waves around it, it will form a barrier.

Absolute Terror Field - The Absolute Terror Field or A.T.Field, is a physical barrier which can prtotect its creator from any violent attack including a nuclear bomb. Episode 24 Kaworu states

Umbilical Cable - The Unbilical Cable is nothing mre than an extenction cord for the Evas. It supplys the Evas with electric power. Without the cable the Evas have to rely on their internal batteries which only supply them with 5 minutes of power at minium activity and 1 minute at maxium activity.The cable are the Evas main week point, in fact I beleive them to be their only weak point.

Entry Plug System - The Entry Plug is a special made plug put into the back bone of the Evas in order to connect with the Central Nervous System of Eva. The Entry Plug comes with a plug suit and a pair of hair clips. When pilot wears these and Entry Plug filled is with L.C.L, the pilot is able to synchronize with Eva. Plug suit and hair clips increases the synchronization rate with Eva.

Dummy Plug System - The Dummy Plug is a virtual Entry Plug which is developed for starting and using the EVA without a pilot. The only difference is the pilot of Dummy Plug is a dummy. Those dummies are the clone of Ayanami Rei and they are just a container for her soul. NERV put an digitized personality intothe dummys when using the Dummy Plugs to control the Evas. Those dummies' lifes are prolonged by the Dummy Plug System. Ayanami Rei's memories are copied into those dummies on a fixed time. The real soul of Rei will transfer into another dummy only when Rei dies.

L.C.L - L.C.L also known as "Link Connection Liquid", is a amber fluid which fills the entry plug to provide oxygen to the pilot and to increase syncitization. Thw actually the blood of Lilith, who is nailed to a cross and stabbed through her left chest by the Spear of Longinus in the Terminal Dogma.

Plug Suit - The plug suit is the dedicated uniform of the Eva pilots. It has the effect of raising the synchronization rate and protects the pilot's body. This suit is totally one piece covering their feet to their necks. Its structure is similar to a wet-suit. The suit is rather baggy when they put it on, but by pressing on the switch on the left wrist, the suit then acts like a vaccume clinging snuggly to the body. By pressing on the switch on the right wrist, the suit will blow up like a balloon proving extra protection heat to the pilot.

S2 Engine - The S2 Engine or S2 organ are present in Test Type and Mass Production Models of Evas. It convrts matter into usable energy for the Evas. much like the mitoconda in our cells.

N² Weapon - The N² Weapon is a kind of weapon that possesses enormous destructive power like a Nuclear bomb. Unlike a nuke they don't give off radiation. These kinds of dangerous weapons are owned only by the UN and Japanese Strategic Self Defence Force (JSSDF). From Episode #16, we can know that there are 992 N² bombs left in UN and JSSDF. Also, there are many variations of these kinds of weapons like N² mines, N² deep water charge, N² air charge and N² bombs and many more.

Tokyo 3, Nerv, Ect.

Tokyo-2 - The new capital city of Japan after the 2nd Impact. Built in the old Nagano prefecture to replace the old Tokyo. Construction was started in 2001. After the second capital relocation plan was agreed in 2005, it was planned that the capital would be moved to Tokyo-3, still under construction then. The old Tokyo was annihilated by a n2 bomb dropped one week after the Second Impact. Again, the construction of Tokyo-2 was decided by the Provisional Government of Japan.

Tokyo-3 - Tokyo-3 is a planned city under construction near Lake Ashino in Hakone Area. It has been made into a fortress city and used as a preparation for the coming of the Angels. Armment buildins were stragically placed under the camefloge of the surdounding skyscrapers. The arment buildings contain militay hardwear for the eva in prepication of the angels.

Tokyo-3 - Tokyo-3 is a planned city under construction, near Lake Ashino in the Hakone Area. It has been made into a fortress city and used as a preparation for the coming of the Angels. Armment buildings were stragically placed under the camefloge of the surdounding skyscrapers.

The Skyscrapers - They Skyscrapers are just like and other buildings in Tokyo-3 except that they were designed to drop beneith the surface to the geofront below. This hanging city has been called "the city of the celling".

Armament Building - Armament Buildings look like other high rise buildings in Tokyo-3. they house the arsenal and ammunition for weapons like the Palette Rifle used by Evangelions. they have been scattered strategically all over the city in anticipation from an Angel's attack.

NERV - An organization which is directly attached to the United Nations, the existence of which is not known to the general public. Possessing super advance sciencets and technology, It has developed and possessed the Evangelions.Orginally called Gehirn, their main purpose besides the developent adn deployment of the Evas, is to push the Human Instrumentality Program.They want to prevent the Angels from invoking an proable 3rd Impact, Instead NERV wants to Invoke the 3rd impact using the Evangelions so that thay may besome one with GOD.

Geo Front - The Geo Front is a large underground city buried deep below Tokyo-3. It was built by using a pre-existing 13.75km in diameter spherical cavity. 89% of the space was buried with soil, which left 6km in diameter area is used for constructing NERV Headquarter. NERV Headquarter is located at the center of Geo Front, and is surrounded by manmade forests, underground lakes, rivers and hills. After the start of the Human Instrumentality Program, we know that this cavity is actually the egg of Lilith called the Black Moon which is also the source of all life.

Central Dogma - The Central Dogma can be divided into many layers, levels and sectors. Inside of Central Dogma got many laboratories and some unknown facilities like Mega Depth Facilities. The center of Central Dogma, which is 2008m under the Geo Front, is the location of Dummy Plug System, the main factory that produces Rei's Clones and the Dummy Plugs. Inside this factory has a huge test tube, a brain structure like machine and a special big tank made for Rei's dummies.

Terminal Dogma - The Terminal Dogma is located below the Central Dogma. It doesn't look like an laboratory but like old Antarctica, which is full of ice and covered with snow. Actually, Terminal Dogma is used to keep Lilith and stored L.C.L. That's why Terminal Dogma is also called the "L.C.L Plant". There is no guard in Terminal Dogma because NERV and SEELE does not allow anyone to go there, even Ritsuko and Gendou seldom go there.

S.C.Magi - The S.C.Magi is the 5th generation and first artificial intelligence super computer that uses a cloned human brain as the main processor. Magi is actually combined by three computer called Melchior, Balthasar and Casper, which are also the name of the three kings who visited Jesus Christ in the stable after his birth. Magi is operated by tackling problems and forming a solution. These computers also represent the three personalities of its creator Dr.Akagi Naoko which are the scientist in her, the mother in her and the woman in her.

Graveyard of EVAs - The Graveyard of Evas is located in the Central Dogma. It was used as the main experiment laboratory of Gehirn for developing Evangelions and the Magi System long time ago. After Ikari Yui disappeared in an experiment, this room has been abandoned and used as a graveyard for failure Evangelions. Inside there are a lot of skulls that resemble Unit-00's head.

The Sea of L.C.L - The Sea of L.C.L mentioned by Rei-3 in The End of Evangelion is the place of origin of all life. It is a world without A.T.Fields and human shape. There are nomore barriers inside the heart of human anymore, no fear , no existance of others anymore and everything has become one. This world is described by Rei as the world that Shinji wants.

SEELE - SEELE is a secret organization that existed before the Second Impact. It hides the truth about the Second Impact and the existence of Angels and uses its power to abuse UN and other countries. After the Second Impact, SEELE uses the UN as a cover, establishing the Committee of Human Instrumentality Program, NERV and develops Evangelion projects. Same as NERV, they also have scientists, technicians and technologies to produce Evas and Dummy Plug System.

Marduk - Marduk is the main organization which is used for searching and selecting qualified pilots for the Evangelions. The qualifications are rather stiff, apparently only 14 years old children without mothers can operate the Evangelions. It seems that Marduk has grouped all qualified children in Class 2-A of the First Municipal Junior High School of Tokyo-3. Marduk has 108 agencies around the world and all of them are dummy companies. These dummy companies were all created by NERV. Marduk is also a name of Babylonian God.

Human Instrumentality Program - Long time ago, humans learned that they had reached the dead lock of evolution from the Dead Sea Scrolls. In order to begin the next evolution into a perfect single being, humankind must provoke the Third Impact by using either Lilith or EVA-01 with the Spear of Longinus. The Human Instrumentality Program is actually under the direction of SEELE, and the secret agency NERV was the implementation organization. The Evas were in fact not planned as a weapon to defeat Angels but to realize this program.

The Purification Ceremony of Red Earth - The Purification Ceremony of Red Earth mentioned in EVANGELION: REBIRTH is a ceremony planed by SEELE to unlock humanity from their present destiny. After the ceremony, humankind will be rebirthed and escaped from death forever. As Keel Lorenz said : "Although this will lead mankind to death, It will also be a new beginning of humanity. God and Human use death to become one."

The Super Solenoid Theory - The Super Solenoid Theory(S² Theory) which is mentioned in EVANGELION:DEATH is developed by Dr.Katsuragi. With this theory, a human can mass into energy without any loss. This theory has once been used by the scientists of Katsuragi Expedition in order to wake Adam. But this has led humanity into a tragedy and all humanity nearly vanishes from the world.

Ties With relegion

Tree of Life - Long time ago, there were two kinds of tree that grew in the Garden of Eden. One was called 'The Tree of Life' and another one was called 'The Tree of Wisdom'. Only God was allowed to eat the fruits on the Tree of Life and Wisdom. Actually, Angels were another form of man,they were beings who obeyed God's words and ate the fruits on the Tree of Life. Those fruits provide Angels an eternity life and unlimited power. So the Angels' names are from the Tree of Life.

Tree of Wisdom - In the Garden of Eden, there was a kind of fruit which grew on the Tree of Wisdom called 'The Fruit of Wisdom' only GOD was allowed to eat. After Adam and Eve ate the fruits on the Tree of Wisdom, they had lost their eternity life and had been forced to leave Eden. Actually, the Fruit of Wisdom is the power of science used by mankind to continue liveing in this world. It provides us the ideas of living in bad environments.

Kabbalah - Kabbalah which means tradition in Hebrew Culture, is a study of Divinity and the relationship between God and His Creation, based on the premises of revealed truth. The Kabbalah takes man beyond the normative understanding of reason. It has uncovered many of the infinite layers of the secrets of Life, of Creation, of the Soul, andof the Heavenly Spheres. The Kabbalah is a highly esoteric strain of mysticism within Judaism that first arosed in Spain in the twelfth century and it is also claimed to be a collection of secret knowledge handed down directly from God to Adam and Moses that it provides the initiate with the ability to approach God directly.

Systema Sephiroticum - The diagram, `Systema Sephiroticum' (The Sephirothic System) that appears in EVA's opening credits over Misato's right hand and on the ceiling of Gendou's office was drawn by a German priest, Athanasius Kircher, in 1653. Kircher's drawing was based on his study of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah was originally based on what might be called a crypto logic premise, that Creation itself was a process involving the ten digits as divine numbers or sephiroth, and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Together they constituted the 32 paths of sacred wisdom.

Dead Sea Scrolls - The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most important archaeological find of the 20th century. These scrolls were founded by a young Bedouin shepherds while searching for a stray in a long untouched cave in the Judean Desert. Within a fairly short time after the discovery, the historical, the paleographic, linguistic evidence, and carbon-14 dating, established that these scrolls and the Qumran ruin were dated from the third century B.C. to 68 B.E. Coming from the late Second Temple Period, the time when Jesus of Nazareth lived, they were older than any other surviving biblical manuscripts by almost one thousand years.

Spear of Longinus - The Spear of Longinus which is stabbed on Lilith's left chest, is also called as The Spear of Destiny. This Spear belonged to the Roman Centurion who pierced the side of Lord Jesus while He was hung on the cross to conform his death. In order to occur the Third Impact, Human must use this Spear with either Lilith or EVA-01. SEELE wants to use this Spear with Lilith to occur the Third Impact, but NERV takes the Spear and sends it into space where it is orbiting the moon.

The Ark - The Ark which is mentioned in EVANGELION:REBIRTH is a story from Old Testament of Bible. This story is about Noah who received a revelation from God to build a huge rectangular sharped boat and put all the animals in pair onto it, thus saving all species from the big flood occurred by God to destroy the evil people in the world. In EVANGELION:REBIRTH, the meaning is same as the Old Testament of Bible, saving human from the death which will be brought by SEELE, the Third Impact.


Other Intreasting Information

The First Impact - According to the history book which Shinji and his classmates study. About 65 millions years ago, a massive meteorite from the outer space which impacted at Caribbean Sea had triggered a serious decline in the globe's temperature and created a kind of 'nuclear winter' that drove the dinosaurs and other species to extinction. After this heavy impact, It took Earth a very long time to recover from this catastrophe. The catastrophe is known as the First Impact.

The Second Impact - The Second Impact is explained as the massive meteorite fallen on Markham Mountain of Antarctica. Actually, it was caused by Ikari Gendou and Dr.Katsuragi who followed the prediction in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr.Katsuragi used his S² Theory to wake up Adam. The scientists were afraid that other Angels might also wake up after Adam, so they began to shrink Adam into an embryo again and thus initated the Second Impact.

The Third Impact - The Third Impact is a process which combines human souls to form a single being. This will happen only if all the Angels are fully defeated or an Angel touches Adam or lilith. The Third Impact does happen but it is occurred by Rei who enters into Lilith and it is not completed because Lilith has lost her A.T.Field which can hold all human souls together. After the Third Impact, only Shinji and Asuka are left on the earth to live together forever.

Ayanami Rei's Room - Same as Graveyard of EVAs, also located in Central Dogma. Was once used as Artificial Evolution Laboratory before and then was dumped long time ago. Inside of this room is nothing morethan a bed, a table and a few disposed boxes. Actually, Rei was born here and it seems that she has lived there for a long time.

Other qualified pilots - The other qualified pilots of EVA selected by Marduk Report have been gathered in Class 2-A of the First Municipal Junior High School of Tokyo-3. All children in Class 2-A are same as the present pilots motherless.

Barons of Hell - Back in medieval days the Judeo-Christians took it upon themselves to name and categorize all the angels and demons of the afterlife. The ones of particular interest are the barons of hell.


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