Xenogear Gear Classes

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This concept of gear classes was made up totally by me without any educational basis from the video game Xenogears. Just so you know. If you think that the Gear Classes can be organized better, just say so.

The Classes of Gears

Assault Gear

The Assault Gear is the heaviest type of gear. It is equipped with a full arsenal of weapons designed to repel any attack, whether air-based or land-based. More than likely, this gear will be extremely slow.

Its full weapons installment will likely include anti-aircraft weapons, long-range land weapons, and a hand-hand weapon. These weapons are very powerful and will likely be able to rip apart smaller gears in seconds. Their weapons are designed leave the opponent in as small pieces as possible in the least amount of time.

However, Assault Gears are very slow and cumbersome. They have poor maneuverability and likely do not have Jetpack capability to enable limited flight.

Reconnaissance Gear

The Reconnaissance Gear is a very light gear equipped with little or no weaponry. It is used to get into places, gather information, and get out.

A standard reconnaissance gear is equipped with Jetpacks and strong, agile legs. Superior cameras, sensors, and computers are equipped on military models for it to acquire as much data as possible. Recon gears are extremely fast and agile, and are difficult targets to hit.

Anti-Aircraft Gear

An Anti-aircraft gear is designed for one purpose: to defend its position against enemy air units.

Targetting missles and long-range cannons are usually standard on these kinds of gears. An Anti-Aircraft gear also has extended range Jetpacks so it can pursue enemy fighters. Countermeasures are also used to defend against enemy air units. Some of the more advanced Anti-Aircraft gears may also change into jet fighters for more efficient operation.

Anti-Ground Gear

An Anti-Ground gear is equipped to handle any land attacks against, for the most part, non-gear opponents, including tanks and infantry.

Scatterpack rounds and mines are effective weapons on Anti-Ground gears, as are light missles. The armour for these kinds of gears is usually thick and able to repel simple weapons. Anti-Ground gears may be equipped with flamethrowers to easily destroy ground troops, and are also reasonably fast to keep up with four-wheeled vehicles (and to step on offending infantry units).

An Anti-Ground gear has good speed, light to medium weaponry, and a light jetpack to give it short bursts of speed in needed moments.

Anti-Seacraft Gear

Anti-Sea gears repel coastal bombardments and help protect sea envoys. Weapons include torpedoes, depth charges, and long-range cannons.

These types of gears are also equipped with underwater equipment, allowing enhanced agility in water. Fighting in water is a much different experience than ground fighting, but Anti-Seacraft gears have been adapted to handle deep-water operations and surface operations. Torpedoes can handle enemy ships, and the gear is able enough to use countermeasures to stop enemy ordiances.

Medium-Attack Gear

Ever since Gear-Gear combat was introduced, a new way of battling was introduced. The Attack Gears were created to repel a gear-gear assault.

Medium-Attack gears are usually equipped with a number of close combat weapons designed to defend against other gears. The weapons can range from swords, axes, and spears down to fists and feet. Some may have guns and other long-range weapons to wear the enemy down before they come into range.

Medium-attack gears are equipped with lighter weapons than Assault Gears, but heavier weapons than Anti-Ground gears. Their speed is average, and they are usually equipped with Jetpacks to keep up with opposing Gears. Big guns are not a part of Medium-attack gears, for large weapons are likely to miss the agile weapons. Most of the Gears in Xenogears, such as Brigandier, would be considered Medium-Attack gears.

Light-Attack Gear

This gear is similar to the Medium-Attack Gear in that it repels enemy gear attacks. However, the Light-Attack Gear trades weapon strength for speed, making it slightly weaker, but more agile than its cousin.

Some variations of Light-Attack gears trade armour for speed and weaponry and rely on "first strike" in battle.

Crescens is a good example of a Light-Attack Gear.

Ether Attack Gear

Although all gears have Ether Magnification abilities, an Ether Attack gear takes this concept to the extreme. Ether Attack gears require a large reliance on the pilot, for it is the pilot, and not the gear, that uses Ether abilities.

This gear is more of a subclass of gear than a primary class, for any other gear listed above could be equipped with Ether Magnification equipment. Ether Attack gears have high Ether Defense and powerful Ether Offense.

Vierge is the best example of an Ether Attack gear; the use of Aerods is dependent on the pilot.

General Military Gear

A general military gear is just your average gear that does everything quite well. It does not stand out in offense or defense, ether enhancement or speed. If you don't know what your gear should do, you're best off choosing this category.

Battler Gear

A gear designed especially for battling in the Kislev Battling Games.

A gear like this has enhanced endurance, powerful hand-hand, many heat sinks, and good Ether Enhancement. Again, this is like a subclass of gear. Although designed for competition, most Battling gears, if well made, can also withstand live rounds in real war.

Stier is a Battler gear.

Mining/Excavation Bot

A Mining/Excavation bot is a civilian gear that's designed for digging and sorting. It can be used for ore mining, archeological expeditions, or other similar tasks.

Farm Bot

A Farm bot is basically a large farm machine. It sows fields, scatters fertilizer, and tills the land. It can also harvest crops and dig small holes.

Construction Bot

A Construction bot is used mainly for urban construction of buildings and vehicles.

Supply/Repair Bot

A Supply/Repair bot upgrades other gears, refuells them, and distributes gear parts.


If you feel that your gear does not fit into any of the above categories, create a new category and describe it in the "class" field in the Persona Sheet.

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