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Deus Ex Machina: The Xenogears Tale


Player Information

Name or Alias: Rune
Age (optional): 17
Sex: Male
E-mail address:
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager/etc. (if applicable): AIM - tks rune

Character Information

-Name: Aishou (Nickname: Ashi.)
-Age: 23 (Relative... was sealed in stasis by Solaris. Actual age is 477.)
-Sex: Female

-Occupation(s): Solaris Gear Pilot - Former Element

-Substitutes which Xenogears Character? (if applicable): None

-Birthdate: Unknown
-Height: 5' 1"
-Weight: 92 lbs.
-Eyes (colour and shape): Blue, slightly almond shaped.
-Build: Frail, thin. Does not appear to be very strong.
-Complexion: Fairly pale, like most of the Solarians.
-Facial Features: Thin, but regal face.
-Identifying Marks: Scar on left arm.
-Hair (colour and style): Redish, tied in a short pony tail at base of neck, reaching down to midback.
-Voice: Soft, barely audiable.

-Dress/Attire: Solaris officers uniform
-Jewelry (if any): Matched pair of silver ear rings.
-Weapons/Tools (if any): Rapier
-Armour (if any): Metal shoulder guard.

Psychotic. Solaris keeps Aishou on so many diffrent drugs that it is almost impossible to determine her base personality. She has become addicted to both Drive and Rush, two of Solaris's most potent combat enhancing drugs.
However, if she is kept away from her Gear (and Gebler) for a long enough period of time, she begins to revert back to her old personality... one of the kind, bubbly young woman she was while being raised in Solaris, before she joined Jugend and Gebler.

-Background and History:
Elly and Lacan had a daughter before the war truely began in Nisan... however, as the war progressed, Aishou was lost during one of the early raids on Nisan. It is not know if she was targeted to be kidnapped by Solaris soldiers, or if she was taken as a prize of war, like so many of the other 'Lambs'. Seeing a unique opportunity, the Gazel Ministry attempted to blackmail Lady Sophia with her daughters life, but realizing what would happen if she gave in, Elly had not choice but to refuse.
Aishou was sealed in stasis, to be revived at a later time to continue to blackmail against Sophia. Then the peace accords were reached, and Aishou was to be released as part of that agreement. However, Solaris's trechery and Sophia's death meant that Aishou was lost for the next five hundred years... the records of her exsistence destroyed during the fighting.
Krelian discovred Aishou, and released her, not realizing who she was. Aishou spent the next ten active years of her life in the care of a First Class Solaris family, being raised as one of the Abel. She later joined Gebler, and was placed in the Elements class. (If Elly was also in the Elements class, they most likely became close friends.)
After graduation, she joined with Ramses as the commander of all his Gear forces. Appointed as one of his Elements, she was a terror on the battlefield, striking with percision and cunning. She also shacked up with Ramses for several months, and was contemplating marrage when it struck.
Aishou developed a unique reaction to both the drugs Drive and Rush... her abilities continued to be heightened, but her personality deteriorated. Aishou began to protest the usage of these drugs on Solaris's troops... partly out of concern for them, and partly for fear of her own life. Then one day, she went mad. It took an entire Gebler battlegroup to bring her down... her gear smashed to a hulk, but three out of five of the Gears that chased her were either destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
Aishou had been overdosed with Drive IV, the most potent and concentrated form of Drive ever developed. The drug remained in her system, and after three escape attempts, she was sealed in stasis storage again. After a year, she managed to regain some form of self control, but any introduction of either Drive or Rush could set her off, and she was addicted to both drugs. Ramses ordered that she was to be contained until she was released in battle.
What neither Ramses or Aishou found out, was that Miang had been the one to overdose Aishou. Aishou is now assigned to delicate missions, with her Drive supply under the control of her commanding officer.
-Birthplace: Nisan

-Mother: Sophia
-Father: Lacan
-Siblings: None
-Mate: None
-Children: None
-Other relations: No serious relationships.

Ramses: Former lover, still commanding officer.
Miang: Bitch. Nuff said.

-Secondary Skills: Gear Piloting, Ether usage.
Berserk Drive - All abilities are increased to incrediable proportions, but all self control is lost. Attack goes through the roof, but Ether drops to zip.
-Hobbies: Serving Solaris, Killing Lambs, etc.

-Current residence: Holy Empire of Solaris.
-Current Life Conflicts:
Addicted to Drive. Is beginning to hate Solaris for what they have done to her, but dares not stop fighting them, for fear of the loss of her 'life'.

-Other notes: Has very few close friends, and in the cold, sterile enviorment of Solaris has had little chance to make any. Becomes uncertain when approached by people offering to be friendly, and looks for the 'stick' to this perticular carrot.

-Gear name: X
-Gear description: Slender build, relies on a massive rapier blade to attack. Flight pack on back.

-Class: Light Attack/Ether Attack
-Primary function: Disruption, high meneuverability attacks.

-Weapon(s): GrandFang Rapier - Aerods
Drive IV - Same as Berserk Drive.
Ether Rush - Attack becomes zero, but Ether level breaches the atmosphere.

-How your character acquired the gear: Developed specifically for Aishou by Krelian.

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