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Player Information

Name or Alias: Anastasius Dumar
Age (optional):16
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Character Information

Name:Aloysius Kal'ahaz
Age: 52
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Nomad. Serves as an intermediate for the Gazel Ministry.
Substitutes which Xenogears Character?: (if applicable) None.
Birthdate:May 23/446
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes (colour and shape): Grey, usually narrowed angrily.
Build:Heavy and muscular, bodybuilder-type physique. Despite his age, his superior condition and genetics holds him in his prime. He has excellent muscular development, with a wide, thick back, striated, developed pectorals, well peaked biceps and developed triceps, etc -he would put a man half his age to shame.
Complexion: Fair. His skin is smooth and flawless, lightly tanned. His complexion has also been roughened somewhat from exposure, giving his face a slightly craggy look.
Facial Features: He has a strong, square jaw and chin, an elegantly pointed, perfectly straight nose, perfectly symetrical eyes and eyebrows as well as ever-so-slightly pointed ears. Many of the typical signs of aging have been held at bay due to his excellent physical condition, but they are present nonetheless; his face holds several deep creases which are readily visible as well as several others which are normally not visible, as his face is usually drawn tight with his anger. He also has a slight sag to the skin under his chin, though it is hidden well by the arrogant jutt of his jaw and tilt of his head, and deep, dark crow's feet around his eyes. Despite these obvious signs of aging, many women still find him attractive, as the lines and creases, along with his slightly weathered features, give him a rugged, somewhat wild appearance.

Unfortunately, his handsome features are usually twisted with his anger and bitterness; his eyes narrowed dangerously, his eyebrows pulled into a scowl, and his mouth turned downwards in a tight, resentful frown.

Identifying Marks:A large tatoo of a stylized pheonix across his back, wingtips spreading from shoulder to shoulder, the tail feathers ending near the base of his spine. The most obvious marking, though, is the large amounts of cybernetics used to give him movement. A careful listener in a quiet room can hear the various mechanical parts buzzing and whining as he moves, and the combination of steel, circutry and flesh that makes up most of his body is impossible to miss when he is not completely clothed.
Hair (colour and style): Stark black, streaked with grey. It falls somewhere around his shoulders, and is always tangled and disheveled, streaked with dirt and grime. It is not unusual for it to hold stray twigs or leaves either.
Voice: A cool, perfectly pitched tennor. His voice carries an icy tone of command whenever he speaks, as though he considers anyone to whom he speaks to be merely a tool rather than a person. It often becomes impatient and carries a cutting edge to it even when he does not intentionally mean for it to do so.

Dress/Attire: His typical attire consists of grey camo cargo pants and a grey turle-neck. Depending on the climate he visits and the kind of mission he is assigned, this tends to change to anything imaginable.
Jewelry (if any):He wears his old, tarnished dog tags obtained from his time in Solaris's army -if these could be called jewlery.
Weapons/Tools (if any):He keeps several tools of varying types in the numerous pockets of his cargo pants, mostly for simple repair and routine maintinence of his implants. He does not usually carry weapons with him, though he won't refuse an offer of such, but does keep a plasma rifle in his gear for emergencies, as well as several smaller weapons. He is skilled in hand-to-hand, as well as most standard firearms and energy-based weapons (i.e. laser pistols, plasma rifles, etc.). He also has a small console imbedded in the cybernetic structure of his left forearm, which he can use to send simple commands to his gear.
Armour (if any):None.

Personality: A wild card to the last. Impulsive and given to sudden and often violent mood swings, Aloysius often acts in a rash fasion, prefering to take a simple, direct, and often brutal approach to most problems he is faced with. This is not to say that Aloysius is stupid or lacks tact, as such would be far from the truth, but he lacks patience for long, drawn-out plans or strategies, prefering to deal with situations as he is faced with them. This being the case, he tends to not to think most of what he says and does through, and this tends to complicate things in the long run.

Aloysius is extremely intelligent and quick-thinking, and enjoys the occasional debate, even about seemingly trivial things, simply for the challenge it provides. He is a gifted conversationalist and is quite good at creating facades -displaying emotions and attitudes that are far from what he feels- to the end of getting his way, whatever his motives may be, and can change this false personality in a heartbeat. He is incredibly confident in himself, perhaps too much so, afraid of few things or people, and this can make him laughably audacious at times, yet it is delivered with such confident agression that his bluffs are rarely called. He can engage in conversation with just about anyone, and can often have people handing him information without even realizing they are doing so, or it is too late to cover for the slip. Cunning and sly, thirty years of doing work for the Gazel Ministry have made him quite the manipulator himself, playing the emotions of others skillfully enough to get what he wants usually without them being aware.

His false personalities aside, Aloysius' great potential is unfortunately limited by his cynical, bitter nature. His cybernetic deformations cause him an unending amount of self-loathing and pity, and when he wants nothing from another, he is quick to lash out at the smallest and seemingly most insignifigant faults of others with his biting words and his cold, disdainful voice. Aloysius sees the worst in everything, and has difficulty trusting anyone else, prefering at all times, no matter what the danger, to work alone rather than risk having someone else fail. He has a warped, twisted sense of humor, and can be found laughing when he should be crying. When he sees no purpose to, he rarely smiles and never laughs, projecting a harsh, disdainful air about him when dealing with all things. Despite this, and what most who deal with him are often led to believe, Aloysius is not an inherantly evil man but rather, one consumed with rage directed at himself. He is perfectly willing, often in what would appear to be the most spontaneous of situations, assist in anything he considers to be a good cause, simply for the acceptance he secretly hopes it will bring. Most often, however, he winds up disappointed at the results, and this only fuels his cold, silent anger, often resulting in him lashing out in a dangerous rage directed that those he had helped as shortly as moments before. When his rage fades, usually after he has left the destruction that followed in his wake, he tends to harbour silent feelings of remorse, which then only have him grow angry once more at this perceived weakness, which once again fuels the constant cycle of hatred.

Background and History: The prototype for a new gene-sequencing program that was later used to create Ariath Dracorte, Aloysius was created simply so that the effects and limitations of the program could be observed. Strong, handsome, and extremely intelligent, Aloysius proved to be a complete success, and was raised in a sheltered enviroment so that his full capabilities could be observed. He was trained in warfare, both in individual combat and in tactical studies, as well as receiving an education that few even among the first class Solarians could ever hope to achieve. He excelled in all his studies, and when he was twenty, was enrolled in Gebler. Raised with the highest standards in mind, Aloysius proved to be a strong commander, both confident in his abilities and that of those he commanded. He entered Gebler, and rose quickly to the position of a ranking officer. Because of his obvious capabilities, Aloysius was asked to pilot a new gear system, one that would directly interface with the user's senses. Eager to prove himself once again, he readily accepted. This simple test flight, however, would change Aloysius's life forever. While making the first run of the test over Northern Aveh, communication was lost with Aloysius, and he was discovered several days later in a coma inside his gear, which had been savaged almost beyond recognition, with he himself in a condition nearly as poor -the medics who first arrived believed that he must have surely been dead from the trauma he experienced.

He recovered after extensive sugery, but he had been severly paralyzed from the neck down. The nanotechnology of today was unavailable thirty years before, even in Solaris, and the massive amounts of nerve damage could not yet be repaired by nanomachines and the old method of cybernetics was deemed the only way to give Aloysius full motar function again. The damage was so severe that massive amounts of cybernetics had to be used, transforming most of his body in a groteque mix of flesh and circutry.

After a lifetime of being informed that he was "perfect", the sudden deformation crushed and twisted Aloysius in a way that nobody in Gebler could have forseen. Enraged at the cards life had dealt him, Aloysius blamed all of Solaris for his current state and deserted Gebler with his ruined, savaged gear; little was heard of him after that.

The Gazel Ministry, however, was not about to let such a useful tool escape so easily. Using a more advanced form of nanotechnology, they had placed a small colony of nanomachines inside Aloysius' body when he underwent surgery. These nanomachines typically lie dormant inside his body, but can be activated at will by the Gazel Ministry. They allow limited communication between him and the Ministry by interfacing with the sensory functions of his brain, and can be used to cause debilitating pain and even death in Aloysius at a simple command. Aloysius acts as the right arm of the Ministry, serving them when they themselves cannot influence something and when a more subtle means than Gebler is required to fufill their tasks. He loathes the Ministry, and has attempted several times to free himself from their control (so much as to attempt suicide, which was somewhat futile, as the Ministry simply used the nano-machines to keep him alive. The experience still haunts him to this day.), though he has been unsuccesful so far.

Current History:None

Birthplace: Solaris
Mother: None.
Father: None.
Siblings: None.
Mate: None (permanent ones, at least).
Children: None, so far as he is aware. There have been many occasions, however, for such children to be conceived.
Other relations: None.
Affiliation:Special Agent of the Gazel Ministry
Reputation: Unknown. Attempts to keep as low a profile as possible, to better execute his work, though he has many allies in somewhat questionable occupations.

Secondary Skills: Extremely intelligent in nearly all fields of academic study, and also skilled in warfare, both in tactics and individual combat. He has some limited knowledge of gear repair, able to fix some of the less complicated functions of gears enough that they will function until they can receive proper attention, though the more complicated aspects of such mechanics escape him. He is, however, skilled at repairing himself -skill based on experience more than anything else- and, if given the proper parts and tools, can repair all but the most seriously damaged parts of his implants, the critical ones mostly external.
Abilities: The cybernetic implants Aloysius obtains motor skills from give him superior strength, stamina, and coordination, moreso than his excellent physical condition to begin with. He is able to do tremendous amounts of strenuous work for tremendous amounts of time without rest, and has reaction times that few humans could hope to match. Further, the implants are advanced enough that they are not affected in any noticable way by the elements -prolonged exposure to humidty, water, dust, heat or cold. These abilities make him a valued agent of the Gazel Ministry, and he is called upon for many of their more important tasks. This makes him far more knowledgable in matters concerning the Ministry, such as the Contact, Anti-type, etc. than many even in Solaris.

Working for the Ministry is not without benefits as well, though Aloysius refuses to admit it. While working towards a particular task the Ministry has set before him, Aloysius has access to virtually unlimited credit, allowing him to obtain goods and services of almost any type (Note, however, that this applies only when he is directly working to further the goals of the Ministry. Between missions, he is usually dirt poor). Further, though he commands no Gebler forces, Aloysius has military clearance as though he were a General of the highest command in Gebler, with only Ariath himself having superior authority. This allows him to go places and do things for the Gazel Ministry that otherwise would likely be impossible.

Disabilities:The cybernetic implants Aloysius possess are not without their weaknesses. Many of the implants, especially those controlling the movement of larger muscle groups such as the chest, back, and legs, can be damaged as easily as if he had no implants, with strong enough blows to the right location, gunshot wounds, and even placing too great a load upon the implants can all easily damage them. Further, the implants were not designed to work independantly of each other, but as a cohesive unit, which means that even if only a small amount of damage is sustained to a particular area, it is likely the functionality of the entire area will be affected (i.e. if he is shot even a grazing wound in the leg, which would not normally produce many effects other than bleeding, but the shot was lucky enough to have damaged a small area of the external implants, the entire leg would be affected.). To compound this handicap, repairing damaged implants takes a large amount of time, money, and effort, and when internal implants are damaged, it is likely that only surgery will give him complete mobility back.

Further, Aloysius is completely under control of the Gazel Ministry. There is nothing he can say, do, see, hear or feel that they cannot either. If they desire something from him, then he has little choice but to accept, or face debilitating, excrutiating pain until he either dies or accepts. He cannot rebel, cannot interpret or twist their orders to his needs -if he does, then they simply torture him. There is no escape for Aloysius, unless the Ministry is destroyed, something he hopes dearly will happen.

Hobbies: He will never admit it, but Aloysius enjoys carving wood and sculpting stone, tasks that he is quite skilled at. He also enjoys demanding physical labour of any sort, as it gives him something to focus his anger and resentment upon.
Current residence: None. Aloysius is a nomad, rarely staying in one location for more than a few days at a time.
Current Life Conflicts: Aloysius would like nothing more than to see the Gazel Ministry destroyed and Solaris fall, though he is smart enough to realize that he must wait for the right time to play his hand. Believing himself to be flawed, he seeks acceptance both from himself and others, but his bitter, cutting nature tend to drive others away, which simply fuels the already vicious cycle of hatred.
Other notes: None.

Gear name:Lazarus
Height:15.7 m.
Weight: 16.3 tons unequipped
Gear description:Lazarus is a tall, hideous gear constructed by Alloysius; formed from salvaged remains of gears on battle fields used to repair and reconstruct Fusion, which was the name of Lazarus before its modifications. One arm, obtained from a heavy-assult gear, hangs nearly to its right foot, ending in a three-fingered claw, while the other, which was the original arm, is much smaller and more mobile. The original parts are scorched and blackened as a result of the failiure that paralyzed Aloysius, though few remain any longer. Two wings adorn Lazarus' back, one feathered like a bird's, the other skeleton-like, as a bat's. The left and right legs are from two completely different gears, one relatively large and bulky, with sharp, blocky angles, and the other small and sleek. The torso is constructed from two seperate gear torsos, though their size is disproportionate to each other, giving the gear a hunched appearance. Lazarus' head is adorned with a single horn, and appears to be in the shape of a human head, though much of is is blackened, and parts of it are patched with scrap. When moving without propulsion from it's jetpacks, Lazarus typically uses it's oversized arm for movement, bending over like an ape to move. Despite its clumsy, shoddy appearance, Lazarus is remarkably agile, and often surprises opponents with its agility, though it is somewhat ill-suited for combat.
Class:Special. As Lazarus has been constructed from the mismatched parts of nearly every kind of gear available, it is difficult to place it under any specific category. If required, it would probably be best able to fill a role as a recon class gear, as it is relatively quick, but poor in combat.
Primary function: Tactical superiority and limited gear-to-gear combat.
Weapon(s): Lazarus is equiped with a single 150 mm cannon on it's left shoulder, and has the capacity to hold up to four small "stinger" missles, though the expense and unavailablility of such missles means that Lazarus is currently not equiped in such a way. Because of Lazarus' unique design, melee weapons are difficult to use, as the balance and co-ordination of all limbs that is required is lacking with Lazarus. In combat, hand-to-hand is prefered, with the oversized right arm utilized for most of the attacks, while the smaller arm merely maintains balance or a grasp on the opponent.
Abilities/Disabilities:The experimental recon system allows for superior targeting systems, quick gathering of data from enemy gears and weapons, and tactical superiority as well as general combat awareness. Few things can surprise Aloysius when he is operating Lazarus. However, the recon system is far from perfect, and Aloysius develops intensely painful, throbbing headaches if he tries to pilot Lazarus with the recon system for too long, and this can eventually lead to unconciousness and damage of his nervous system if he over-exerts himself. Lazarus is also an unpredictable gear to pilot, even for Aloysius. Because of the wide range of gear parts that it is constructed from, conflicts of functions are not uncommon, and these tend to pervert Aloysius' commands from time to time. While the gear will perform the action Aloysius commands at such times, it will not necessarily perform it in the way he desires.
How your character acquired the gear:Aloysius was part of Gebler for a time, and was directly responsible for the creation of Lazarus. See "Background" for more details.

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