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Deus Ex Machina: The Xenogears Tale


Player Information

Name or Alias: Hobbes
Age (optional): 19
Sex: M
E-mail address:
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager/etc. (if applicable): ICQ:7617605/AIM:HobbesKC

Character Information

Ariath Dracorte
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-Name: Ariath Dracorte
-Age: 24 (18 in human years)
-Sex: M

-Occupation(s): Lord Commander-in-chief of Gebler, "Prince" of Solaris

-Substitutes which Xenogears Character? (if applicable): Ramsus

-Birthdate: unknown
-Height: 6'1"
-Weight: 210 lbs
-Eyes (colour and shape): Deep green, very haunting but shining with pride
-Build: medium built, enhanced by armor
-Complexion: Very pale, almost ghostlike
-Facial Features: gloomy demeanor, a face that has never cracked a smile
-Identifying Marks: a tiny scar above his right eye
-Hair (colour and style): straight silver hair, parted in the middle, with two strands of hair covering the front of his face
-Voice: Deep, sullen voice. Never a hint of emotion except a slight raise in tone when angered.

-Dress/Attire: Ariath is always adorned with silver crystal armor that includes a crystalline breastplate extending from his neck to his torso, crystal gauntlets and leg greaves and leather pants and gloves. He wears a long cape, draped over his shoulders, that is red on the inside, but black on the outside. Locked to his golden belt is a jeweled bronze sheath, adorned with his many military metals that he has been awarded.
-Jewelry (if any): Aside from the military honors, around his neck is an emerald scarab, deep green like his eyes. The scarab, a small beetle is patterned with green and silver.
-Weapons/Tools (if any): His runeblade, Rolaren. The sword is made of an ancient black-hued metal, of the same name, the only one of his kind. It is 3 feet in length, 6 inches in width, a thin dual-bladed, but durable weapon, able to pierce any armor with a single blow.
-Armour (if any): silver crystal armor (breastplate, gauntlets, leg greaves), no helmet

-Personality: Ariath shows very little emotion. A very honor-oriented person, he once cared for nothing but glory on the battlefield and the power that follows. Nor does he really care about anyone around him, except for a select few. Power had once corrupted his every being and has extinguished every other human emotion. But sudden events in his life have caused him to change the way he feels about things around him, especially the Lambs, whome he has renewed feelings of compassion for.

-Background and History:      Ariath Dracorte was created in the laboratories of Mordon deep within the Holy Empire of Solaris. With the knowledge of nanotechnology in his grasp, Mordon felt he could manipulate any situation that occurred, never once regretting that he was playing God. To satisfy his lust to find and revive Deus, Mordon needed to find a way to dispose of his only obstacle, Emperor Cain. Therefore, Mordon set to work, deep within his hidden laboratories, using all the nanotechnological advances and discoveries he had studied, and created an organism of nanocolonies. Using the same sequence of DNA as the "Contact", Mordon had thus created an artifical contact, whose only purpose was to rid him of the only thing standing in his way. This organism, which he named Ariath, was designed to be the one who would be the most powerful being that would aid in the resurrection of "god" until fate stepped in.
     When news of the birth of the true "Contact" reached Mordon, he was all too thrilled to discard Ariath and revert his attention to the true "Contact." The moment he was rejected, Ariath was bombarded with all those hateful words which still haunts him. Worthless... Garbage... Useless... He heard it all, and he would continue to have terrible nightmares of that fateful night, when he was taken out of the nanoreactor and thrown away, like trash. Miraculously, however, he survived. No one knows how, but Ariath ended up first working as a lower class citizen of Solaris, doing meaningless labor. Ariath did not have any recollection from his past, only from his reoccuring nightmares which he was still unable to make any sense of. He befriended an old man who happened to be a enslaved Lamb, named Rubien. After witnessing the horrific treatment of the lowest class citizens, especially the -Lambs-, he vowed that he would one day do everything he could to change things. Since the treatment he received was the same, he began to believe that he must be a Lamb as well.
     During one of the annual Solarian census, in which for the first time, all citizen DNA was scanned, instead of just the higher class citizens, Ariath's DNA was discovered to have enormous ether potential, which came at no surprise to Mordon or the Gazel Ministry, when he was brought before them. Mordon and the Ministry felt that perhaps Ariath could be of some use, and placed him into the Jugend Academy, where he slowly worked his way up, first as a Gebler soldier, then to Element class, and finally, achieving his dream, as Commander-in-Chief of the Gebler Forces. As the commander, he was destined to one day ascend the throne of Solaris, as its principal true ruler. Ariath had achieved his goals, but he wasn't satisfied. He continued to have a unmistakable feeling of emptiness, lingering in his heart, that he could not appease. He mistakened this feeling for the need for more power, and it drove him to the brink where that was all he could think about. He was never content, and never showed any signs or emotions of being content. His loyal soldiers would say that the commander would never smile. Some say he has never once cracked a smile his entire life. Little did he know, but his life was being controlled, every step of the way, like some puppet.
     During his tenure at the Jugend Academy and Gebler, Ariath was an outspoken critic on the Solarian treatment of the Lambs. He would publicly declare his displeasure with the government, but was never stopped because of Mordon. Ariath's radical ideals gained the respect of many of his peers. However, once he gained his highest status, power began to corrupt him, and he lost all sight of his original goals. Occasionally, he would visit Rubien and be reminded of what he originally fought for. Rubien remained his confidant, his only friend, although he thinks of Mordon as one. Recently however, his renewed feelings for the Lambs awakened, as his own life became cloudier with every passing moment. Though he continues to try to find out more about himself, he cannot help but feel that he is being controlled from some outside force, as if he was just some pawn in a larger game.
-Birthplace: Solaris

-Mother: N/A
-Father: N/A
-Siblings: N/A
-Mate: none
-Children: none
-Other relations:
Rubien - his only friend and confidant
Mordon - his creator and occasional friend
The Elements - his trusted special forces
Aishou - his past relationship, ex-fiancee
Myaru (Miang) - current relationship
Sylrena - young girl with an interest in him, spy for Mordon

-Secondary Skills: As an organism made up of nanocolonies, Ariath possess the ability to manipulate and morph his body. Any part of his body can be turned into a weapon, but he chooses not to use this power as much. He sees it as a horrific mutation that would label him as a freak of nature, if he always used it. Ariath is also a natural-born leader, and has the uncanny ability to make all those that follow him, highly loyal and honorable.
-Abilities/Disabilities: Ariath is a great swordsman. With Rolaren, he is virtually unstoppable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. If that ever failed, Ariath would unleash his elemental ether power, which could be focused on Rolaren (similar to Dominia's elemental sword attack). Ariath however, is not skilled in martial arts, and when if ever disarmed, would be at a disadvantage when relegated to close hand-to-hand combat.
-Hobbies: Studying Solarian history, specifically the struggle between the Abel and Lambs, fencing and sword fighting.

-Current residence: The Emperor's Palace: Etrenank, Solaris
-Current Life Conflicts: Reoccuring nightmares that continue to haunt him. Trying to attain the feeling of satisfaction and completeness that he feels is missing in his life. Trying to find out who he is. The problem with the Solarian government and the Lambs still bother Ariath.

-Other notes: Ariath is your typical "tragic hero." He is blindly loyal and patriotic to Solaris yet he knows that things aren't right. He is controlled, restrained, unable to think for himself, as he is haunted by many instances and occurances. He is at times emotionally unstable, due to the fact that he is not human, and everything he does or has done, is through contact and observance of humans. In this aspect, Ariath is very much like (Fei), the true "Contact."

-Gear name: Prometheus X
-Gear description: Prometheus X is a silver mobile gear with flying capabilities. The most distinguishable feature of Prometheus is its dragon-like wings which span almost twice the length of Prometheus X. The armor of the gear is very similar to that of its pilot. The face of the gear resembles that of a knight helmet, with the black visor in a T-formation, one long straight slit where the eyes would be, and then straight down the face. Prometheus X has ether magnification abilities that focus the power of its pilot. It is also capable of morphing and manipulation of its own parts, although very rarely used.

-Class: Ether Military Gear - the only kind of gear designed for the commander himself.
-Primary function: Swordplay, ether magnification

-Weapon(s): A gigantic sword, Rolaren X, created out of the same ancient metal that Ariath's sword, Rolaren, was made out of. It is also able to focus on the elemental ether powers of Ariath.
-Abilities/Disabilities: There is very little weakness with Prometheus X. It has been modified so incredibly that no other gear on Solaris could rival it. It can magnify elemental ether power to its sword. It is quick and agile, and flies with incredible speed. Its attacking power may not be as strong as a heavy military-type gear, but with Rolaren X, it can slice through any gear. The only weakness would occur, if Prometheus X was somehow disarmed, leaving the gear weaponless, as it would not fare as well in close hand-to-hand combat. However, it could quickly recover due to either using either power, or its mysterious nanocolony morphism.

-How your character acquired the gear: Ariath was first given a gear, a simply average military gear when he rose to high status in Gebler. After calling for some modifications, it became a more powerful gear, which he named Prometheus. When he finally became commander-in-chief of Gebler, he had his gear modified to the point where it was unrivaled in all of Solaris, and he then changed the name to Prometheus X.

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