Celestia Draken

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Player Information

Name/Alias Lyta
Age(Optional) 25
Sex Female
Email lyta@netzero.net, or hyperion5_2000@yahoo.com
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager hyperion5_2000(Yahoo)

Character Information

Name Celestia Draken
Age 25
Sex Female
Occupation (s) Historian/Linguist, The Ethos has employed her to work out the ancient language of the civilization.
Substitutes which Xenogears Character? None
Birth Date July 3, V-472
Height 5'9"
Weight 120 lbs
Eye Color and shape Blue-gray, round
Build Slender and light.
Complexion Lightly tanned
Facial Features Fair and sharp
Identifying Marks None
Hair Color and Style Long jet black hair, tied into a bun.
Voice Quiet, light, and melodic.  She also can get forceful and project her voice to speak her views when needed.
Dress/Attire She wears what is applicable for the area and weather.  She is never flashy, nor attention getting. 
Jewelry Just a set of plain earrings
Weapons/Tools A small laptop computer to store all the language and historical findings of the excavations.
Armour None
Personality She is quick and sharp.  She is also a good listener.  She is also brave and never back's down from an argument.  She takes most situations in stride.  With her strength of will she was able to get where she is.  She is indifferent to nearly cold when personally feelings involve the opposite sex.  She prefers solo work but will not argue if she is paired with anyone.
Background and History She was born in a small city just miles from the Ethos HQ.  Her parents had wanted her to become a Priest but Celestia found no interest in that field.  Instead though she was thrilled by figuring out old languages.  She always stole into the excavation sites and continued until her 12th year.  She then was hired to study an old plaque around the Babel Tower.  Her discoveries told her little but those that had hired her were pleased, after all it was rare to find anyone who could quickly discover the meaning of the glyphs and old words.  During this time she and a co worker were getting well acquainted and the work site was slowly getting ignore.  Through her short love with this man she was blind to the fact that he was stealing her work right from under.  When she discovered the atrocity it was too late.  It was the end of her rise.  Crushed she struggled for jobs and finally when all had seemed lost she ran into Urban's Excavation group.  The Ethos there were running terribly low on excavators that were capable of understanding what it was that they were excavating and thus assigned her to this group.  Since it was an income and she was desperate for money she took it quickly.
Birthplace Crysor, a small city north of Ethos HQ
Mother Loanna Draken
Father Warril Draken
Siblings None
Mate None yet
Children None
Other Relations Errit Kyron
Affiliation Ethos
Secondary Skills Cooking
Abilities/Disabilities She has and ear for languages and can translate things faster than most people.
Hobbies Reading, Studying history and various languages.
Current Residence Excavation Camp #138
Current Life Conflict Trying to get along with the all male Excavation Team.
Deathblows None
Other Notes None

Gear Information

Gear Name N/A
Gear Model N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Gear Description N/A
Class N/A
Primary Function N/A
Weapon (s) N/A
Ability/Disability N/A
How was Gear Acquired N/A

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