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Deus Ex Machina: The Xenogears Tale


Player Information

Name or Alias: Rune
Age (optional): 17
Sex: Male
E-mail address:
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager/etc. (if applicable): AIM - tks rune

Character Information

-Name: Kyouran, Moui
-Age: 518
-Sex: Male

-Occupation(s): Adventurer

-Substitutes which Xenogears Character? (if applicable): Grahf

-Birthdate: Unknown
-Height: 5" 9'
-Weight: 149 lbs.
-Eyes (colour and shape): See Fei
-Build: See Fei
-Complexion: See Fei
-Facial Features: See Fei
-Identifying Marks: See Fei, Scar crossing his left eye.
-Hair (colour and style): See Fei
-Voice: Hollow, echoing.

-Dress/Attire: Black body suit, enclosed helment. Red satin cape.
-Jewelry (if any): Engagement Ring on left hand.
-Weapons/Tools (if any): Reaper Scythe
-Armour (if any): None

-Personality: Eccentric. Kyouran has slipped in and out of sanity so many times that he is never exactly sure if he is currently sane or not. Ever since discovering his destiny as the contact point, he has wandered the Earth, attempting to find any trace of both he and Elly's new bodies. Is obsessed with both Solaris and Miang, whom he blames for the death of his dear Sophia 500 years ago.
-Background and History:
500 years ago, Kyouran was known as Lacan, a painter who served at Sophia's side during the great war against Solaris. At the end of the war, he was forced to watch as Sophia hurled herself and her ship into the Solaris flagship, dying in the process.
Meeting Miang in Shevat, he swore that he would find the power to rejoin Elly... and do whatever he needed to do in order to do so. And thus his journey brought him to the place where he intended to die... the Zohar Modifier.
The ice he fell upon broke away, and Lacan fell into the heart of the Modifier. Making contact with the exsistence, he decided that the best way for him to rejoin Elly was to allow the destiny of the contact to pass from him, so that both he and Elly would be reborn later. But the process of sundering drove him mad, and he was transformed into Kyouran (translated as fury, frenzy, madness.).
Kyouran has an intense hatred of both Shevat and Solaris, but works with Solaris from time to time in order to open their defenses to him. Shevat he has a special fate in mind for, one that would equal (in his mind) the horrible betrayel 500 years ago, when Shevat sold Sophia to the Solarian's for peace. Solaris he sees as simple enemies, whom he will one day crush in combat.
Then Elly and Fei were born.
Kyouran's hand was stayed before he began his strike against Solaris when he detected Elly's mind within the structure of Solaris. He also sensed the awakening of the Contact somewhere deep within the continent of Ingas. And so he settled into a more established position, using the name Kyouran in Solaris, and Moui in Ingas. He works tolerably well with Miang, although she does not completely realize his full nature.
Kyouran has named himself Elly's protector, but does not wish for her to fall in love with the new contact again. He beleives that he can woo her back to him, and that he will finally have his Sophia back. Thus, he tracked Fei to his home, where both he and Fei's father battled. During the course of the fight, Kyouran realized that there might be another option for he and Sophia... that is Deus, the source of their reencarnation were destroyed, then they would eventually return to 'heaven', Solaris would see their hopes dissolve in front of their eyes, and Shevat would find some horrible manner in which to die.
Many years later, Kyouran resurfaces and attacks Fei's village, intending to gain a better understanding of this contact, to determine if he can destroy Deus. If not, Kyouran has developed a backup plan, that will send the world into chaos, ultimately destroying it...
-Birthplace: Nisan
-Mother: Unknown
-Father: Unknown
-Siblings: None
-Mate: Elly/Sophia
-Children: Emeralda (distant relation), daughter, name unknown to him.
-Other relations:

Krelian - Accursed fool, who sold out to Solaris due to his grief.
Cain - Senile old bugger... will die with the rest of Solaris.
Gazel Ministry - More senile old fools. Should have remained dead when they had the chance.
Miang - Person held most responsable for Sophia's death. Will die rather horribly, over the period of several decades, if Kyouran has any say in the matter.

-Secondary Skills: Gear piloting, ancient lore, painting.

Zohan Energy Channel - Gives Kyouran superhuman strength, on par with the heroes' Gears. Is able to launch massive energy projectiles, or crush a gears leg with his bare hands. Can also infuse this power into others... the process eventually killing them in a spectacular explosion.

Insanity - Kyouran is not quite balanced, and can go off the deep end rather easily. At this point tends to continue taking steps towards the final destruction of the world.

-Hobbies: Killing Solarians, Killing Shevites, Slamming head into wall, Breaking down into histerical weeping fits, watching Elly, planning destruction of the world. (Not much of a life, eh?)

-Current residence: No perminent dwelling.
-Current Life Conflicts: Deciding if he should reclaim Elly in this lifetime, and if he should trust Fei to kill Deus or destroy the world, taking Deus with it.

-Other notes:

-Gear name: Hitan
-Gear description: Large, Slender Gear. V-shaped projection from its back, unfolds into a pair of Angel wings.

-Class: Omnigear, Heavy Assualt
-Primary function: Kyouran's personal transport.

-Weapon(s): EZEC. (Enhanced Zohar Energy Cannon.)
-Abilities/Disabilities: Excellent Physical and Ether Defenses. Average attack capacity. Low Fuel capacity, above averate fuel consumption.

-How your character acquired the gear: Modified Omnigear Kyouran aquires during the war 500 years ago, Fused with the Anima Relic Joseph.

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